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Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni

Ancient tower of charm in the center of Florence
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Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni in Florence

We personally enjoy welcoming our guests, we wish to reinvent the concept of hospitality, and we have the inspiration to provide the warmth of home in every detail. This is how the Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni XNUMX, Florence came to be: a tower-house built in the mid-XNUMXth century by the Guelph family of Ruggerini.

In this ancient tower, we have created a world of harmony, privacy, and attentiveness to our guests' needs. Luxury, peace, and beauty are all in traditional Italian style, and give the concept of comfort new aesthetics.

Almost all rooms enjoy an enchanting view of the city or the Arno River, and all are furnished with the highest in comfort: satellite plasma TVs, DVD players, wireless internet connection, direct line telephone, minibar, electronic safe, air conditioning and heating, private marble bath with tub and/or shower, hair dryer, slippers and shoehorns, and scented essences. Some of the Rooms and Suites are decorated with a Renaissance flair: with frescoes, drapes in coloured precious fabrics, bathrooms in red Alcantara or Gold Calacatta marble, and romantic four poster beds.

History: an ancient tower of charm in the center of Florence

The tower house called "Antica Torre Tornabuoni XNUMX" Was built in the middle of Thirteenth century from Guelph family of the Ruggerini and from them it passed to the Fastelli family or Pietrobono and in the early XNUMX was purchased by the Gianfigliazzi and it was their residence until the end of XNUMX. It rises at the beginning of Via de 'Tornabuoni just beyond the Santa Trinita bridge next to the church of the same name.

The name of the Gianfigliazzi family derives from a certain Giovanni son of Galeazzo who was transformed into Gian son of Azzo who can be considered the founder of the family.

The Gianfigliazzi had no charges in the Florentine Republic because considered Magnates and because they were trendy Guelph, but following the battle of Benevento which marked the collapse of the Ghibellines, and with the expulsion of the Duke of Athens from Florence to which they contributed validly, the Gianfigliazzi had honors and charges.

Until the year XNUMX the family had thirty priors and ten Gonfalonieri, several riders with golden spurs, commissioners in war and ambassadors. They built houses, loggias and towers in the Santa Trinita district and it seems that he was also the owner of the houses around the church. The family de 'Gianfigliazzi became extinct in the XNUMX with the Canon Rinaldo of Lodovico.

From the beginning of the '900 and up to the Second World War, the English aristocrats and scholars, fascinated by Florence, elected the premises of the Antico Torre Tornabuoni as their favorite residence

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, this palace became "Pensione Piccioli," and quickly turned into a privileged residence for aristocrats and English writers. Closed after the Great War, Pensione Piccioli reopened in XNUMX, as a Period Residence called "Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni XNUMX." Thanks to attentive restoration to preserve all its original charm, the evocative ambiance of the Palace on Via Tornabuoni has regained life and warmth. This magnificent complex is considered one of the typical "tower-houses" of Mediaeval Florence, and, to this day, it still preserves all its characteristic architectural elements: it is an admirable example of the human ability to convert buildings built for war into oases of peace, culture and hospitality.

The building is spread over four floors with three openings on each floor. The street façade includes the presence of corbels and pontoon holes, which bears the characteristic elements of the Towers, and is divided into three parts by two string courses. This architectural geometry recalls the façade of the tower of Compiobbesi and is more suited to a building than a tower. The façade ends with an overhang built with corbels that extend the overhead walkway, enclosed by Guelph-shaped merlons made more by decoration than by necessity. Next to the windows are the iron shelves which, as has been said, were used to support drapes and flags on display during important festivities and celebrations.

Services: charming hotels, wedding locations and events in Florence

Our dwelling offers all possible services to guarantee the maximum comfort to our guests, then through a service of receipt e Concierge available for XNUMX hours a day, you can meet the wishes of our guests, in terms of guided tours, excursions in Tuscany, drivers, reservations to museums, restaurants, theater as well as to suggest secret itineraries to discover Florence.

We offer service daily cleaning of the rooms with evening rearrangement of the same; also you can enjoy room service for both breakfast and light meals available at all hours. We offer a valet parking service so once you reach the Tower, the driver will take care to collect and park the car at a secure garage.

We have rooms for families and connecting rooms, so we can guarantee daytime and evening baby sitting.

We can host private events in our living room and on the adjoining terrace weddings o exclusive dinners while in our Gianfigliazzi salon we can host small meetings and company meetings.

Places of interest nearby:

The ancient tower of Via Tornabuoni 1 has a prestigious address, Via Tornabuoni 1 and breathtaking terraces from which you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the city in the round: the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, hills of Fiesole e Settignano, Arno, Ponte Santa Trinita e Via Maggio, a the church of San Miniato upstream, Forte Belvedere designed by Buontalenti, the Bellosguardo hill, Palazzo Vecchio, bell tower of the Holy Trinity.

Wellness spa
Pets allowed
Park or garden
Price: € 385 / day
Bedrooms: 24
Beds: 50
Events Salons: 2
Places For Events: 60
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Phone: 055 2658161
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 1
Postal Code: 50135
Country: Italy
Phone: 055 2658161

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