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La Carrubbazza house

An ancient farm surrounded by Mediterranean scents and colors
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Casa La Carrubbazza: ancient residence in San Gregorio di Catania

Casa La Carrubbazza is an ancient historical residence of the 800th century located in San Gregorio di Catania. Formerly it was a farm that produced wine, today it is a farmhouse surrounded by the greenery of a typical Sicilian garden.

Following a recent renovation, the old house becomes a 4-star charming hotel: the rooms once used as a cellar now contain 3 rooms per floor. The millstone has become lounge and common area; some old warehouses house 3 comfortable suites; the building once used to store the grapes was rebuilt exactly as it was and 4 rooms were allocated; the cistern, formerly used as a water reserve for the farm, was rebuilt to contain the restaurant.

From the panoramic terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Gulf of Catania and the Etna volcano. Part of the cultivated citrus grove was explanted to make room for an ornamental Mediterranean garden that.

Relaxation, hospitality and attention to detail are perfectly integrated with an intimate and familiar atmosphere to offer a unique and unforgettable quality stay.


La Carrubbazza, two Rs, two Bs and two Zs contrary to the right Italian nomenclature (but we are in Sicily, a generous, immense, exuberant land), is an ancient 800th century house immersed in the greenery of a typical Sicilian garden.

Historic property of an ancient and noble family from Catania, La Carrubbazza was initially a profitable and extensive vineyard to be transformed into a citrus grove over the years and finally into a hotel residence to the present day.

Annetta and Maria, respectively born in 1836 and 1839, inherited the estate from their maternal aunt when, going against the wishes of the parents who had destined them for monastic life, they married two handsome young men.
The family decided that they would have had nothing more than what was foreseen for the ecclesial community and the aunt, without children, considering this decision offensive, decided to provide with her belongings.

The property was divided among the sisters. The left side of the entrance to the millstone still says "First harvest 20 September 1887", probably the date of completion of the renovation works.

The descendants of Annetta and Maria have definitively marked the boundary of the properties with dry stone walls, however leaving a gap that would allow the free passage of family members.

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