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The Podestà's house

In the immediate hinterland of Brescia Lake di Garda It rises Lonato, a country of ancient times origins, unmissable goal for visitors more demanding in the search forarte and culture.

In addition to the elegant cathedral barocco Rocca it is the symbol of Lonato: visible everywhere, it is imposed on its own mole which defines its mighty plant architectural and is one of the most extensive new walls. was originally the Lombardy, Monument national from the 1912.

La Rocca overhangs the hill and defines the complex monumental was originally the Foundation Ugo Da How, established in 1942 by the Senator from Brescia who wanted to create a pleasant place of culture. Ugo Da Como (Brescia 1869-1941) bought the fifteenth House of the Venetian Podestà and he elected it to his home by filling it with extraordinary objects arranged according to a taste common to the ruling class of age Giolitti. The Foundation has its headquarters in the House-Museum of Senator, welcomed among the Museums recognized by the Region Lombardy precisely because kept unchanged.

Access allows you to visit over twenty ambienti rich in thousands of objects: hundreds of paintings, furnishings wood, sculptures, majolica. But what makes one or more visits to the city truly unmissable Foundation Ugo Da Como is the presence of one of the libraries private most important in Italy. The Senator from Brescia, in addition to his constant passion for life, was a tireless collector, cultured and refined bibliophile.

La mansion di Lonato holds over 52.000 books: manuscripts, codes illuminated, hundreds of incunabula, thousand of cinquecentine, rarity References and autographs by Ugo Foscolo.

This immense heritage cultural is totally available to the scholars and it has recently been enriched with two extraordinary ones acquisitions.

The heirs ofarchitect Antonio and engineer Giovanni Tagliaferri, called from Ugo Da How a restoration the ancient Houses of Podesta Veneto, have donated to the Foundation of Lonato a heritage archival consisting of volumes a print belonged to the Library of the two main protagonists of the scene architectural Brescia between '800 and' 900, thousands of drawings e correspondence.

The heirs of Luigi Nocivelli (1930-2006) Knight of the Legion byHonor instead they deposited a collection of rarities References composed of over 400 editions of books illustrated by architecture datable between the XV and the XX secolo.
Lonato of Garda deserves therefore the attention of the most attentive visitor, sensitive to culture and Beautiful.


La Houses of Podesta it was built towards the middle of the Four hundred, headquarters of the representative of Venice, which was responsible for the control of the territory.

Lonato it was under the domination of the Serene Republic of Venice from the 1441 for over 350 years, interrupted only by the government of the Marquis Francesco Gonzaga (from 1509 to 1516).

When Napoleon ceded Venice toAustria, the Casa del Podestà became the property of the state property Austrian and subsequently to the municipality of Lonato that completely ignored the building.

La Houses of PodestaFoundation Ugo Da How was bought in 1906 at a public auction by the lawyer and liberal deputy Ugo Da How that, aware of the importance historical of place, he did it completely "restore" from the most important architect Brescia: Antonio Tagliaferri (1835-1909).

The intent was to return theancient dignity tobuilding veneto accompanied by a series of furnishings adequate to make it one House-Museum to live, according to a widespread fashion among '800 is '900.

La Houses of Podesta it was initially lived mainly during the summer period from Ugo Da How († 1941) and his wife Maria Glisenti († 1944). The identity of this mansion bourgeois, inhabited until 1944, has remained unchanged until today.

La Houses it is part of a today complex monumental of extraordinary beauty, dominated by the grandiose Rocca Visconti-Venetian.

The services of the Casa del Podestà

Weddings: Location € 2000 / 5000 - Reception € 100 / 110 per guest - Civil ceremony with legal validity € 750 (on request personalized quotations)

Corporate events: Location € 2000 / 5000 - Gala dinner € 80 / 100 per guest (on request personalized quotations)


La Casa-Museo del Podestà and Library they are open every day, from 10 to 12 and from 14.30 to 18.30.
Entrance fee cost: Full € 6,00 (including the guided tour) - € 3,00 € reduced (under 12 and over 65)

La Rocca and the Museum Street number Ornithological they are open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12 and from 14.30 to 18.30 (other days by appointment); from 1 June to 30 September, every day from 10 to 18.30.
Entrance fee cost: Full € 5,00 (free visit) - € 2,00 reduced (under 12 and over 65)

It is possible to buy the cumulative ticket which includes the guided tour of the House-Museum of the Podestà and the Library and the free visit to the Viscontean fortress of Veneto and to the Museum Street number Ornithological.
Entrance fee cost: Full € 8,00 - Reduced € 5,00 (under 12 and over 65)

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Events Salons: 3
Places For Events: 300
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Address: Via Rocca, 2
Postal Code: 25017
Country: Italy

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