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Casale Modica

An ancient farmhouse in the fertile hills of the Val di Noto
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Casale Modica: historic home in the Val di Noto

An elegant villa designed and built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in the territory of the enchanting city of Noto within an area with a strong agricultural vocation, rich in history, folklore and traditions. The property also offers a large swimming pool flanked by a large hot tub. From the internal courtyard of Casale Modica, crossing the hallway dominated by a barrel vault, you can access the splendid garden of the Villa: a large space, with lush vegetation, secular trees and different and valuable plants. A park where flowers and aromatic plants coexist in perfect harmony, a cross-section of the Mediterranean maquis but also some exotic essences. The building is the beating heart of an active certified organic farm. Oranges, almonds of ancient local varieties, ancient Timilia wheat from which whole semolina and pasta, olive oil are produced. It is possible to buy and taste the company products


The structure - declared of cultural interest by the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage of Syracuse - was built between the XVIII and XIX century and presents the typical elements of the fortified farm with palace. The driveway to the Casale is almost a passage through time; an environment where the combination of history, traditions and nature is solid and lively.

It was purchased in the mid-nineteenth century by the brothers Michele and Giuseppe Modica of San Giovanni Santostefano, by the last heir of the Sicilian branch of the Borgia family, Anna. Antonino Modica Munafò, Michele's son, embellished the building by building an Art Nouveau building for residential use. He also obtained the thirty year concession, until 1914, of the Tuna of Vendicari; in 1920, he built the factory for processing tuna in oil. Michele, the current owner of the farmhouse, sixth generation of the Modica di San Giovanni family, lives in the house with his own family, managing the management.

Hospitality in Tuscany

Three apartments are available to guests, varying in size and able to accommodate up to 15 people in total. In each accommodation all services are guaranteed to ensure guests a holiday in the Val di Noto of full well-being. The stay at the Casale offers a real and faithful experience of rurality and Sicilian tradition. The accommodation offer of Casale Modica is enriched by the possibility of spending pleasant moments of relaxation in the solarium and in the outdoor swimming pool flanked by a large garden full of plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

The farm

Citrus groves, wheat crops, almond groves, carob groves, fertile soils in which unique and genuine flavors are produced, cultivated with 100% certified organic agriculture for over 30 years, pride and symbol of the family farm to which today it is joined elegance and tranquility of the majestic Casale Modica.

Among the offer of products of Villa Casale Modica the oranges of the Navelina (from November to February) and Valencia (from March to April) varieties which, thanks to the composition of the soil, acquire a natural sweetness accompanied by exclusive tones of fragrance. Then there is the almond grove, ancient trees that - thanks to the dedication and work in the fields - offer almonds from some of the best local varieties: Pizzuta d'Avola, Romana and Fascionello.

In the land of Villa Casale Modica the wheat of the ancient Sicilian variety "Timilia" is also grown, in full biological regime and without the addition of fertilizers to the land. The fertility of the fields is ensured by the alternation of field and wheat crops. From the "Timilia" wheat, also called the "three-month wheat" for the possibility of being sown late, by milling in a stone mill, a flour is obtained from which the wholemeal semolina pasta "Villa Casale" is produced. All products can be purchased at the company headquarters, with a view to shortening the supply chain and having a direct relationship with the final consumer.

The Museum of the Tonnara of Vendicari

The building has been completely and lovingly renovated and, in addition to the accommodation, it is enriched by the Historical Museum of the Tonnara of Vendicari, full of materials and documents that tell the story of this entrepreneurial activity so important for this corner of Sicily in the first half of the 900s, and its parallel link to the history of the Modica di San Giovanni family.

Visit the museum

Today the museum can be visited in Casale Modica for the moment by booking by phone at +39 333 90 74 179

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