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Cascina Poscallone

Farmhouse with 10 hectares of bio a few kilometers from Milan
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The Poscallone farmhouse

Located on the waterway of the Naviglio Grande, the Cascina Poscallone is located in a portion of the territory of Abbiategrasso which anciently was called "in Poscale". Poscallo, or rather Poscale, was called a town located between the current Poscallone farms (just below Cassinetta di Lugagnano) and what is today the Naviglio di Bereguardo.

The Cascina Poscallone was probably born in the 1400 perhaps like grangia of a Benedictine monastery or humiliated. Two large frescoes, one of which has already been restored and one still to be restored, bear witness to this origin.
“Piscalis”, medieval Latin, recalls fish abundance and probably alludes to one or more fish ponds in the Ticinello, the ancient canal which then became the Naviglio Grande over time. This would explain the position of the farmhouse, literally overlooking the Naviglio Grande, and its name.

At the end of the fifteenth century the construction of the Monastery of the Annunciata in Abbiategrasso also began and this is the most likely date to which the frescoes by Poscallone. San Bernardino da Siena had moved from Abbiategrasso to the 1431 and is depicted in both frescoes.

We have no documents that show us with certainty what happened to the Poscallone during the sixteenth century. The only certainty is that at the end of the sixteenth century the Poscallone, or "Poscallo di sopra", had become a private farmhouse.
Perhaps the alienation has to do with the end ofOrder of the Humiliated. The presence of the Umiliati in Abbiategrasso - before this order was declared a heretic at the time of the Counter-Reformation