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Casino de Viti: luxury villa in Poggiardo, Salento

Charming historic dwelling in the heart of Salento, Casino De Viti is an ancient noble hunting lodge, dating back to the seventeenth century, later enlarged in the eighteenth century with a spectacular attached crusher. Belonging to the family of origin, it has recently been the subject of a skilful restoration that has faithfully restored it to its complex majesty.

There are many characteristics that make it unique and fascinating. Located in the heart of secret Salento, the Casino extends into thearchaeological area of wide, ancient village of messapian civilization, today brought back to light between the Parco dei Guerrieri and the Byzantine Crypt of the SS Stefani.

The imposing architectural structure seems to be a sentinel to that historical and cultural heritage, embraced in the enchanted look of the guest that goes from the swimming pool to the uncontaminated countryside. Yet on the other side of the park, the façade opens up into the village, where at the same time you can enjoy the life of the nearby square and that of the boundless Mediterranean countryside. On the other hand, the guest finds himself a a few steps from the sea, between Otranto and Leuca, on the splendid Adriatic coast of Castro e Santa Cesarea Terme.

The Casino is developed in an architectural structure of over one thousand square meters all surrounded by big park of ten thousand square meters. The two monumental rooms are spectacular, sometimes high with eight frontal niches and the circular excavation of the ancient oil mill; that sometimes lowered with succession of arches in succession, adjacent to the two rooms, open on the park. There is a flight of large rooms with vaults of different characteristics, belonging to the most ancient seventeenth-century complex, all communicating with each other and open on the park. At the bottom of the staircase leading to the first floor. Finally, the suite closes the architectural following of the ground floor. The furnishings, owned by the family of origin, faithfully preserved, are removed from the world of the ancient Salento, to its archaic and artisan civilization, otherwise infected by the sober elegance of the family culture of those who preserved it and returned to new life. Nothing breaks that magical circle of history and traditions, in which the visitor immerses himself from the first moment!

The stay for guests, from 10 to 20, is offered by five apartments, a suite on the ground floor and four apartments on the upper floor served by a lift. Each is independent, open on the park or on the TerraceComes with a private bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette. The apartments have the names of the legendary messapic kings.

Spectacular the park, which has an ancient walnut tree in the center, is striking for its extension and charm, organized between escapes of avenues and rocky gardens, immersed in atypical area of ​​the Salento, integrates in the Mediterranean originality of vegetation and crops. The space extends as far as the eye can see, in continuity with the surrounding nature, solitary and silent, far from any indiscreet eye. All this communicates an impression of harmony between history and legend. Also there pool (12x6m wide, 80-140 cm deep), inserted in that context of avenues and rocks, seems to participate in that world.

The history of the Casino de Viti

The history of the residence has developed over the centuries since the seventeenth century, according to the various phases that over time have characterized the society and economy of Salento. Born as Hunting casino, according to the habits of the nobles of the time who spent a lot of free time there and they used to find themselves out of indiscreet eyes for the usual raids of friends, a place chosen for secret meetings.

The history of a historic residence in Salento

In the period of full splendor of the eighteenth century was added the monumental hall in front of it, which shows above the entrance door the bas-relief of a winged putto to hunt, symbol of its habitual destination, similar to many neoclassical figures, starting from Herculaneum.
Over time, starting from the eighteenth century, the structure was used as a oil mill, as shown in the niches of the ancient presses recovered in the beauty of friezes embossed on stone. Also characteristic is the semi-circular excavation in the floor on which the wheel turned, in a single block of stone, pulled by a donkey. There is also the mouth of a feast to restore the poor animal.
Changing the economy of the territory, in the mid-twentieth century, the structure became a factory for the processing and preservation of tobacco. And the old crates of various sizes, with the imprints of black or red ink still imprinted, are nowadays fascinating furnishing elements here and there.

Mysterious character is an ancestor of the De Viti family, named Antonio De Viti Anguissola, who around the twenties of the nineteenth century came to live at the Casino, refugee of the Neapolitan Revolution. After a stop in the north of Puglia, in Terlizzi, he settled in Vaste where the family possessions were, to escape the Intendenza of the time, today's police, who persecuted him as anti-Bourbon, libertine and Masonic.
The reconstruction of his adventurous life was possible thanks to the documents in the State Archives of Lecce, where there is a folder dedicated to him among the cards of the Trusted, the wanted politicians who were at the attention of the Bourbon police
These are the years of the motions carbonari, and in those documents, between letters and reports, the figure of a man described as violent and evildoer, certainly courageous, who was able to keep the Bourbon state in check for years, without ever getting caught, despite the public forces and clerical ones, united and in continuous exchange of news and interventions. From there it is known that he had in the Casino habitual residence and there he met with the carbonari of the lower Salento to conspire for the freedom of their land. In a document he reports that he used to write letters with lemon juice to escape the censorship and then send them with his secret emissaries to high-ranking people from Lecce who sent them to the capital.
The result is an organized anti-bourbon resistance activity, branched into the intellectual class of the Salento, with the names of the most illustrious families still existing today, which is worth debunking the traditional version of a clerical and reactionary society.
It is worth remembering that Antonio De Viti Anguissola was the grandfather of Antonio De Viti De Marco, an illustrious economist and meridionalist, who was also a senator of the Kingdom.
A choice of those documents was transcribed and published, under the title of Antonio De Viti Anguissola a libertine in Salento, edited and with the introduction of Albarosa Macrì Tronci, a private edition, 2016.

The services of the Casino de Viti:

In the heart of Salento, you will find the Casino De Viti a wide (Lecce), enchanting historic village whose origins land up to the mysterious Messapian civilization. The archaeological area surrounds the Casino itself and includes it in an atmosphere of intimately Mediterranean flavors and colors.

The casino de Viti is the ideal place to spend your holiday in Salento. A few kilometers from the village, there are the most fascinating cliffs of Salento, with Castro and Santa Cesarea, and together the sandy beaches between Otranto and Leuca. Do not forget to just 5 km the spa of Santa Cesarea Terme. The Casino De Viti develops into a architectural complex of over 1000 square meters. It is surrounded by a one hectare park, which opens on the Salento scenarios of the Mediterranean scrub. On the ground floor there are the monumental halls with theancient oil mill and a flight of large rooms with vaults with different characteristics.

Stays of charm in the secret Salento

Il Casino de Viti it will be the ideal choice for those looking for one charming house where to stay in the heart of Salento. Elegant and comfortable suite they will live the holiday in the best way, immersed in the history and tradition of Salento.

the structure offers the availability of overnight stay for 10 / 20 people, with a suite and four independent apartments, finely decorated furnished with period elements, enriched with all the most modern comforts.

Treat yourself to moments of relax by the pool in the splendid garden of the Casino de Viti

Wedding locations in Salento

The dwelling as a whole, equipped as it is with large rooms and immense park, allows you to rely on large and refined indoor and outdoor spaces, which make it theideal to create an event of particular charm.

You can request the celebration of the civil ceremony in place, perhaps in the shadow of the large gazebo in front of the pool. The celebration of the wedding in the village, be the religious rite in the church mother, both the civil ceremony in the modern Messapian Museum, both in the square.

wedding planner

The structure makes use of the support of a personal Destination Wedding Planner to organize the party according to their tastes and preferences, with refined and prestigious solutions. And also the presence of the apartments allows you to accommodate the spouses, families and friends, during the period of the event.

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Phone: +39 338.71.23.654

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