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A Castle of Trentino Alto Adige

Castel Ivano will envelop you with its atmosphere from the moment you walk through its first gate. As from a magic door you will have access to an almost dreamy place, the world will be far away. You will hear the sound of your footsteps on the gravel of the avenue that will lead you, through a part of the vast park, to the heart of the Castle that will open to your eyes, suddenly, in all its magnificence. From the courtyards to the interior spaces, varied and changeable according to the seasons, the colors, the light, everything will tell you about the loving care with which the Staudacher family has made this manor full of charm and history, a welcoming and living place.

Castel Ivano events


Castel Ivano with its millenary history, has witnessed many historical events and various changes of ownership, thanks also to its position on the border between the Austrian-Tyrolean world and the Italian-Feltre area.

The primitive nucleus of the castle of Ivano is the keep, defensive structure still built by the Lombards (VI-VIII century AD) during the great barbarian invasions that occurred after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. We are around 590 when the Lombards built new fortifications on the side of the Roman military road called Claudia Augusta Altinate in Valsugana to defend themselves against attacks by Franks and Alemanni.

The Lombard dominion in Italy ends in 774, since then the Valsugana passes under the domination of the Franks and their king Charlemagne, the future emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. During the reign of Berengario, great-grandson of Charlemagne, the valley witnessed a violent invasion of Hungarians which led to a further strengthening of the already existing defense structures; in this way we witness a first enlargement of the surface of Ivano's manor. In the 1027, with the concession of the emperor Corrado II the Salico to the bishop of Feltre of temporal power over the territories of the lower Valsugana, Castel Ivano entered the Venetian jurisdiction.

The first historical document concerning the castle dates back to the 1187, it speaks of the Lord of Ivano.

With the end of the dominion of the bishops of Feltre in 1228, Castel Ivano and the lower Valsugana were disputed for almost two centuries by various lords including Ezzelino da Romano, the da Camino, the Scaligeri of Verona, the Carraresi, Gian Galeazzo Visconti . In the 1375 around, during the dominion of the Carraresi, on the tower of Castel Ivano the coat of arms of the family is impressed characterized by the four wheels and by the two axes of a chariot still present.

In the 1413 the lower Valsugana is annexed to the County of Tyrol and enters the orbit of the House of Austria of the Habsburgs thus becoming Castel Ivano of Habsburg domination. Castel Ivano is ruled first by captains of trust and then by the Tyrolean family Wolkenstein - Trostburg which manages the fief as a pledge for the money lent (feudal fiefdom) until, in 1750, the empress Maria Theresa of Austria grants the perpetual fiefdom .

With the death of the last Wolkenstein, Count Antonio, which took place in the 1913 and following the events of World War I, his heirs sold in the 1923 the castle of Ivano, heavily damaged by violent fighting, to the administrator of the manor, Franz Staudacher of Brunico, living with his family in the walls of Castel Ivano from 1901. Franz Staudacher takes care of the architectural structure, the parks and the land, working on the redevelopment of Castel Ivano.

His sons, particularly Vittorio Staudacher, an illustrious surgeon of international renown, work hard to restore Castel Ivano to restore it to its former glory.

The grandchildren Ivana and Carlo, current owners of the castle, are carrying out the impressive conservation work.

Weddings and ceremonies

castel Ivano marriagesThe ideal location to turn your dreams into reality.
This medieval castle is an exclusive place for achieving marriage that you dream of, the ideal structure for a reception at any time of the year. Castel Ivano is the truly unforgettable wedding location; the castle will be everything to you, you can customize your day as you prefer, set up the room according to your tastes, give your guests a memorable day in a unique place ... in short, the wedding you want just waiting to be organized! Thanks to the spaces and rooms of different sizes, you can find the right atmosphere for your wedding, whatever style you have in mind. Imagine, one outdoor ceremony, an aperitif by the pool under the imposing old oak, and the cutting of the cake in front of the ancient fountain decorated with candles and lanterns ... Whether it is a traditional wedding, modern or dynamic, for a few close friends or for numerous guests, you can choose between the different solutions that our rooms allow.

Organizing your wedding in Castel Ivano you can also give your guests the experience of a guided tour of the oldest rooms of the residence and prisons! You will have access to the park, the flowered courtyard and the ancient complex also to take unforgettable photographs, without ever straying too far from your friends and relatives. Come and visit us and ask us for information. We will surprise you.

Weddings in autumn and winter

Autumn in Castel Ivano has unforgettable colors; the green of the castle turns into a rich palette of colors that leaves you breathless.
Try and make your guests live a new experience.
The rooms are heated and offer you the best comfort regardless of external weather conditions.
Winter also lends itself to fairytale weddings thanks to the light and intimacy typical of this season.

Corporate events

Castel Ivano lends itself to host corporate events, workshop, Congress and activities to present the company, products, motivate resources or simply offer its employees a special moment.
Discover all the possibilities that our structure offers.
In the rooms available, it is possible organize business dinners for small groups or large companies. It is also possible to organize product presentations, mini-fairs and events to promote your business.
The outdoor spaces are suitable for entertainment, parties and other fun activities, also ideal for teambuilding.

Private parties

Castel Ivano is the ideal venue also for celebrate important moments of one's life. Thanks to its multiple rooms, the evocative spaces, the gardens and the beautiful courtyard, Castel Ivano is also suitable for organize your own graduation party, the birthday party, but also a communion or an anniversary. It is a location that offers evocative spaces both for a small party gathering and for a big party, not only in summer but in all seasons, including winter.


The castle is an inhabited residence, it is therefore open only by booking the guide.
Please note that it is possible to visit the garden and the interiors only by reservation.

Together with the visit it is also possible to organize a lunch or a snack to taste in the halls of the castle or in the park ... a unique experience, for a family or a party! Contact us for more information.


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Free: children under 6 and disability

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Address: Via al Castello, 1
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 0461 763432

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