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Castellare di Sarri and Church of San Francesco

Splendid medieval village of the Sienese hills.
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Castellare di Sarri and Church of San Francesco


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The Castellare di Sarri, a splendid medieval village in the Sienese hills

Il Castellare di Sarri it's a small one village medieval, located on the top of a hill, owned by the Fatini del Grande family.

It consists of a Home Tower, from a Casale independent and a third construction.

Right in the center the splendid rises Church San Francesco of the XI century.

wide spazi interior, garden e park, entirely surrounded by mura massive and from around 40 has of wood olive grove and crops various, which are part of the property.

The House Tower it is inhabited by the owners during the period Summer, while the Casale independent is granted in lease.

The whole complex it can also be used for Events e events cultural activities within programs well defined.

The history of the Castellare di Sarri

On the top of one hill were restored, respecting theantico charm Naturalistico e structural of a small village medieval and mura ancient ones that surround it, three construction which flank a church dating back to the 1100.

I Pilgrims that usually traveled theancient