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Aragonese Castle of Ischia

Suspended between sky and sea in a timeless atmosphere
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Aragonese Castle of Ischia

The Aragonese Castle of Ischia stands out as a testimony of all the civilizations that have passed from here, between Greeks and Romans to pass to the Aragon dynasty up to the Colonna. So many centuries and so many civilizations that have made the old fortress built on the islet in front of Ischia a strategic outpost for the defense of the island.

From the outpost of the Syracusan Greek Gerone I to the conquest of Alfonso of Aragon, from the glories of Vittoria Colonna's marriage to the English bombing of 1809, from total abandonment to recovery thanks to the intuition of a farsighted Ischian lawyer: twenty-five centuries of history among churches , convents, prisons, lush gardens and breathtaking viewpoints suspended between sky and sea in an atmosphere out of time.


The origins, Castrum Gironis

The Castle originally took the name of Castrum Gironis: according to some from the name of Gerone of Syracuse (to whom the first settlement dating back to the fifth century BC is attributed), according to others from the fortified "circle of walls" that surrounded the islet of rock trachytic.

The Middle Ages, Insula Minor

In medieval times it was always referred to as Insula Minor to distinguish it from the Insula Major (the Island of Ischia) which was slowly becoming populated.
The current crypt of the Cathedral of the Assumption dates back to this period with its valuable frescoes.

The Renaissance, Aragonese Castle

The current name originates from the dynasty that more than the others has given the islet the appearance that characterizes it: Alfonso I of Aragon transformed the pre-existing Maschio Angioino in the XNUMXth century AD, built the mighty defensive walls, had the tunnel dug in the rock. pedestrian access.

The Castle today

The third generation of the Mattera family today takes care of the Castle, guaranteeing its opening to the public 365 days a year, carrying out the necessary maintenance and restoration works and promoting cultural events that animate its life.

In fact, the most important work, beyond the restoration, is to keep the Castle alive: it is not a simple exhibition of historical artifacts but a living being from which pulses an energy useful for understanding the past and the future: certainly not there is more the frantic movement of a stronghold that defends itself, there is no longer the tumultuous daily life of 1800 families who work and meet, but an incomparable serenity and peace that surround the Castle of today, animated by exhibitions of ancient and contemporary art, studied by historians and admired by thousands of tourists who visit it and capture its memory.

Art dialogues with the Castle and makes it alive; after having held many roles, the manor resumes that of privileged interlocutor of all forms of art and once again proposes its presence as indispensable for the balance of the entire surrounding "kingdom".

The initial intuition of Avv. Nicola Ernesto Mattera still finds in his heirs the full enthusiasm and confirmation of the rightness of a gesture which, apparently inexplicable at the time, guaranteed the rebirth of a protagonist of the history of the island and of the entire Kingdom of Naples.

Experience the castle

At Castello Aragonese d'Ischia it is possible to stay, dine and organize special events in its most beautiful spaces both on the eastern side and on the western side. Spend a peaceful holiday at the Castle. Dine watching Ischia from one of the terraces. Organize your event in a place that has no equal.

Opening Hours

Open all year, 7 days a week, from 7am to sunset *.

Cafeterias and bookshops may have different closing days and hours * from those of the visit.



Full ticket € 12

Children 0-9 years free

Children 10-18 years € 6

Students 19-26 years € 10

Groups (> 20 pax) € 10

10-entry season ticket € 25

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Address: Island of Ischia
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