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Castello di Castelnuovo Tancredi

An estate of 600 hectares in the rolling hills of Siena
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The Castle of Castelnuovo Tancredi

La Tenuta di Castelnuovo Tancredi it extends for over 600 hectares on desserts Sienese hills, Between Siena, the slopes of Montalcino and Val d'Orcia. The estate includes, in addition to villa Central 5 farmhouses: some used to cellar and offices and others renovated to accommodate guests.

La villa It consists of 9 bedrooms with bathrooms en suite (including a suite at the top of the tower with a 360 ° view of the Crete Senesi), an "ancient" kitchen equipped with every comfort, a dining room, two large lounges with original painted beams, two frescoed lounges, various open spaces to relax in the cool in summer. In the park there are also the Swimmingpool, a tennis court and a beautiful one Wellness Spa equipped gym e Sauna.

In the course of its management, feudatory families such as the Guglieschi, the Borghesi, and the Tancredi have been succeeded over time, from which the name derives, up to the Venturini Del Greco, the current owners.

The latter, present in the 1897, have kept intact the flavor and tradition of the past, yet succeeded in modernizing the activities.

In fact, already in the 1315, the hills around the castle they presented small extensions of oaks, arable land and widespread olive and vine cultures.

At the beginning of 1700 the cultivations of olive trees and vines were remarkable, even reaching 40 hectares of vineyards in production and thousands of olive, such as to justify a nursery, an oil mill and numerous cellars.

In 1995, when the first step with the recognition of Orcia as a typical geographic indication, presaged the future birth of the DOC Val d 'Orcia, Guido Venturini Del Greco, current owner, decided that more than the quantity wanted to try to make wines of great quality.

For this reason, at the end of the 90 years the vines were reduced to 8 hectares, planting in addition to the Sangiovese, Trebbiano e Malvasia that are part of the DNA of the area, and new vines like the Merlot, Syrah e Cabernet Sauvignon.

Today the company follows the method of "Biological agriculture"In all its processes, manages arable land cultivated a cereals e fodder and the production of extra virgin olive oil under the brand DOP oil.

The history of the Castelnuovo Tancredi Castle

The castle was born with the construction of the tower in 1000 AD. The tower initially served as a barn and was then used as the headquarters of the Sienese troops in the siege of Montalcino in 1199 which lasted 16 months.

On this occasion the Sienese will eventually get the better by forcing Montalcino to capitulate "... more by hunger than by iron ...". In 1.500, the Villa was added by Cardinal Tancredi, thus creating the current central body of the Castle.

From the same period is the chapel adjacent to the villa designed and built by the architect and painter Baldassare Peruzzi who also designed the current Cellar which is located at the entrance to the long avenue of secular Cypresses that leads to the Castle.

During the Second World War the German troops occupied Castelnuovo Tancredi by living, not without difficulty, for a long time with the women of the Venturini Del Greco families.

The Castle has undergone a very recent two-year restoration, which has enhanced its historical value, however, providing it with all modern comforts. The long work was strongly desired by the family whose main prerogative was and is that of safeguarding the internal architecture.

All the ancient floors have been removed and then rested without changing the design, as well as all the fixtures have been restored made "thermal" without being replaced. Particular attention to the frescoes and interior colors that have been taken up without altering their veracity.

Services: a 600-hectare estate in the gentle hills of Siena

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Phone: 0577 806090

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