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Castle of Chignolo Po

The Versailles of Lombardy
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Castle of Chignolo Po in Pavia

Beautiful eighteenth-century patrician residence, museum of art and customs, the Castle of Chigwell, called "the Versailles of Lombardy", Contains important and precious testimonies of the lavish world of Lombard and Venetian nobility.

The spectacular baroque courtyard, the large frescoed halls of Tiepolesque school, the refinement of the stuccos and decorations, the dominant tower with its masurized turreted stone, all immersed in a gentle rural landscape, make this monument one of the most important Italian historical residences.

History of the Castle of Chignolo Po, the Versailles of Lombardy

The oldest part of the castle, born as a fortress on a hill, is the great Tower, from which a long stretch of the Po (Cuneulus super Padum). It is believed that it was built by the King Liutprando around 740 AD., when Pavia was the capital of the gods Longobardi, with the purpose of serving as a defense fortress and a garrison on the Po and on the Via di Monte Bordone, subsequently named via Francigena - Romea that connected Northern Europe with Rome.

In front of the fort, towards the north, stands the Borgo (Ricetto), which was entirely rebuilt in the 1600. It is characterized as an architectural complex protected at the entrance by a moat, by two garries, and by four ravels (towers) on the far sides.

The Castle, in a short time, starting from the XIII century, became one of the greatest Feudi Lombardi, on which i first settled Pusterla, until, in the 1340, this family was involved in an anti-viscosity and fiercely exterminated conspiracy.
Then came i Federici and Cusani, which increased to the maximum the power of the Castle, also receiving continuous privileges and concessions from the Kings and Dukes of Milan.

From 1700 to 1730 it was expanded and transformed from a medieval fortress into a real one Eighteenth-century palacewhere they stayed Popes, Emperors, Kings, Princes and Archdukes.

Tiepolesque school artists were entrusted with the realization of the stuccos and paintings that embellish the halls of representation of the Castle.
The work was carried out by the will and financing of the owner of the time, the Cardinal Agostino Cusani Visconti (1655 - 1715), who was Ambassador of the Pope to the Venetian Republic and to the Court of Louis XIV in Paris, as well as the Bishop of Pavia.

Following this grandiose work, the Castle of Chignolo Po was called and known throughout the world as "the Versailles of Lombardy".

Visits from Saturday 7 March 2020 to Sunday 8 November 2020 (excluding the whole month of AUGUST)

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: from 14.30 to 18.00 no reservation required.
The duration of the guided tour is 60 minutes.

On weekdays for groups of minimum 15 people (to be booked with at least 48 hours in advance)

Full price: € 10,00 - adults
Reduced: € 8,00 - lower secondary school children
Reduced: € 6,00 - primary school children and teachers

The visit itinerary aims to show the monumental complex of the Castle of Chignolo Po and to enhance the history of its centuries-old royal fiefdom and of its task along the Via Francigena. Visits are only guided as the Castle is a private residence.
Please note that it is not possible to take photographs inside the monument.

Highway A1 Milan - Bologna: exit Casalpusterlengo, continue towards Pavia, at 7 Km divert for Chignolo Po.

Highway A21 Turin - Piacenza: exit Castel S. Giovanni, continue towards Pavia - Badia Pavese, turn off for Chignolo Po.

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Address: Via Stazione
Postal Code: 27013
Country: Italy

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