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Castle of Osasco

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Castle of Osasco

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The Castle of Osasco

The Osasco Castle was built in the XNUMXth century as a fortress to defend the borders of the lands of the princes of Acaia, lords of Pinerolo. Its massive structure has a quadrilateral shape and four towers at the top overlook its roofs by a few meters, built on three sides with Luserna stone and tiles.

The original structure of the castle was formed by a ground floor and a first floor above which will develop the walkways protected by Ghibelline battlements.
In the seventeenth century the structure was subjected to numerous changes including: the raising of a floor that led to the elimination of the patrol fireplaces and the frescoing of the facade with panels of various scenographies surrounded by a false ashlar. The frescoes with human and animal figures that cover protruding parts of the previous battlements still remain in good evidence; the coat of arms of the family above the entrance door is still evident, once protected by a drawbridge above the moat still present. Inside the castle the following are to be noted for the purpose of their use:

  • the courtyard completed by a portico with crossed barrel vaults and a well.
  • Some rooms with barrel vaults and of considerable size and enriched with unhooking openings that highlight the considerable size of the walls.
  • A library lounge with painted coffered ceiling
  • Two praised with large windows overlooking the garden and courtyard.

The castle is enriched on its front by an elaborate Italian garden with box hedges while the park, which extends on the west side, is embellished with numerous centuries-old trees and is accessed with a majestic