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Castello di San Salvatore

A thousand years of emotions
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The Castle of San Salvatore

Unmistakable emblem of the Treviso landscape, in the heart of Veneto, surrounded by sweets Prosecco hills as in a hug, it dominates the plains as far as Venice for eight centuries. Impregnable fortress in the Middle Ages, elegant stately home in the Renaissance, lively literary and artistic salon of European resonance: eclectic in form and soul, today as then it is a special place and a precious setting for memorable events.


Of very ancient Lombard origin, the Collalto family its history has its roots in the Marca Trevigiana, where around the year XNUMX, it governs the city itself with the title of Counts of Treviso. Between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries he established himself between the Prealps and the Piave river and founded the castles of Collalto and San Salvatore.
The Castle San Salvatore, located in a strategic position to control the fords, expands quickly and comes to be with its thirty thousand square meters of area, between the fortress dedicated to the court and the village inhabited by peasants and craftsmen, one of the largest fortified complexes in Europe.
Over the centuries the dynasty has seen the succession of valiant soldiers, skilled diplomats, capable feudal lords, generous patrons, important religious figures, among which the blessed Julian stands out and last, but not least, an attractive handmaid named Bianca, who has become a legend.

Impregnated throughout the Middle Ages, during the long Venetian pax, the Castello San Salvatore is the setting for an extraordinary artistic season: musicians, painters, writers and poets settle here. The prestige and fame of the castle grows and becomes the privileged background of the famous artist's paintings Top of Conegliano. It is in the sixteenth century that Monsignor Giovanni Della Casa, host of the Collalto family, writes his famous Galateo.
And among the 'woods of trees and foliage' all around the San Salvatore Castle, Gaspara Press, the greatest poetess of the sixteenth century, sings in her marvelous 'Rhymes' the heartbreaking love for Collaltino di Collalto.

Count Odoardo, in the eighteenth century, aspiring to the prestigious position of doge of the Serenissima, had an imposing palace built as a great demonstration of his power. The noble Collalto family is divided between Italy and Moravia, where in 1822 he obtained the title of Prince of the Empire.

The twentieth century, with the First World War, overwhelms the territory and when the front moves from the Isonzo river to the Piave, the San Salvatore Castle becomes the target of Italian artillery and is seriously damaged.
But the Collalto family is not discouraged: it starts a passionate phase of recovery of the extraordinary historical-artistic heritage, defended for centuries with tenacity and love. The construction site continues up to the threshold of the new Millennium e in the 2003 the Prince Manfredo inaugurates the new castle which today aims to return to the ancient splendor as a splendid setting for events worthy of memory.

Heir of this historic and unique tradition is the Princess Isabella Collalto de Croÿ, the eldest daughter of Prince Manfredo and Princess Trinidad of Collalto, who personally follows the 2007 winery Conte Collalto and from 2018 also the San Salvatore Castle. With the refinement and style of a princess and with the same dedication and love of identity that have allowed, in the course of a thousand years of history, the safeguarding of the heritage of the dynasty and of an entire territory, Isabella Collalto opens the gates of this exclusive residence sharing the charm of its elegant spaces and its ancient secrets.


The charm of history combined with the magic of home automation, the gem of Italian late medieval castles, thanks to the wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and the cutting-edge technology it is equipped with, is the ideal place to host any event from two to a thousand people.

An entire castle in exclusive. No time limit, no choice required, Castello San Salvatore is a sublime blend of classic charm and style details. An incomparable beauty that can make every event memorable.

Weddings in the Castle, Celebration of Civil Weddings in the Castle and in the Park. - Important private and corporate events

Wedding planner in location for organizational consultancy and event coordination.
Catering chosen by the client.
Banquet in one room up to 200 people
Banquet in more rooms up to 700 people
Cocktails / Buffet in covered area up to 1.000 people
Rental of tensile structures for external terraces

Congresses, Conventions, Seminars, Meetings, Product Presentations, Incentives

Seats in the single room up to 250 people. Seats in multiple rooms up to 700 people.
State-of-the-art multimedia equipment, hotel hospitality, pre-post congress programs and companions.

Exhibitions, Concerts, Shows, Fashion Shows, Cultural Events, Photographic Shooting, Video Recordings, Advertising Spots

over 1.500 square meters of covered area on three floors with alarm system
over 2.500 square meters of uncovered area

Equipped parking : up to 140 car
Parking not equipped: up to 300 car


Between vineyards and romance, good wine and history, signature cuisine and Italian hospitality, Possibility of overnight stay in the name of relaxation, culture and sport between the San Salvatore Castle, its authentic village and the Conte Collalto Winery. Privileged place of departure of itineraries naturalistic and sporting, on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. The cities of Treviso, Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Cortina and all the historical and artistic wonders of the Veneto are easily reachable by car. Suggested itineraries at discovery of the Venetian Villas.

Ability to bikes, pedal assisted bicycles, cars, vintage cars.

Conte Collalto Winery : apartments from 2 / 4 people

Borgo del Castello San Salvatore : apartments from 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 people

Castle of San Salvatore: suite from 2 people, penthouse suite for 4 people exclusive stay on the highest point of the castle for special nights (possibility of customizable gift package - personal chef, butler, musical entertainment)

Cellar and products of excellence

At the foot of the Castle, of the same property, theConte Collalto Farm produces around 850 thousand bottles, of which over 550 thousand of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG and the rest of still white and red wines.
There is also a production in production extra virgin olive oil and two grappas.

Collalto Wines

The style of Collalto wines has always been characterized by a discreet elegance and a strong identity. The wines tend to enhance, without forcing, the typicality of the grapes, aiming at enhancing the potential of the Collalto territory to the full.

Collalto Store

Opening hours for tasting and sales: daily from 8.30 / 12.30 15.00 / 19.00 - closed on Sundays and national holidays

Cycle tourism and nature walks on foot and on horseback

situated in the heart of the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, among the vineyards of the Castle of San Salvatore, winding numerous itineraries, with different degrees of difficulty, passable on foot (even with the stroller), by bicycle, by mountain bike: from the Collalto Feudo, to the Strada dei Castelli, from the ring of Prosecco DOCG ai routes of the Great War up to the famous track Monaco-Venice cycle path, which passes right through Susegana.

Suggestive itineraries, unforgettable sceneries between art, history, nature.
Ability to bikes, pedal assisted bicycles. Riding for horse riding.

Visits to the Castle

Group visits by reservation: minimum 20 people or equivalent amount
Extraordinary openings for individual visits by invitation
(to receive an invitation - send an email request)
Open all the year


Admission: € 10,00 per person, Visit to the Historic Cellar with tasting - duration 60 minutes
Admission: € 14,00 per person, San Salvatore Castle Guided Tour - duration 90 minutes
Admission: € 22,00 per person, Visit Castle and Historic Wine Cellar with tasting - duration 150 minutes

Gratuity or reduction: Parent or guide, Boys from 6 to 18 years
Possibility to customize the tasting.
Transfer from Castello to Cantina with own vehicles


Park or garden
Price: starting from: €50
Places For Events: 700
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 0438 435020