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Castle of Santarcangelo di Romagna

A castle, a medieval village and a story to live
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Castle of Santarcangelo di Romagna

the Castle of Santarcangelo di Romagna, located a few km from Rimini, stands on a small tufaceous hill just 90 m above sea level - Mons Iovis; the castle dominates the plain below characterized by rivers and streams that flow towards the sea.
With its size it defines the unmistakable profile of the town of Santarcangelo, a medieval village rich in life and well preserved.
Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta he rebuilt the castle in 1447 to cope with new military attack systems, including bombings, bombardelle and colubrine. Over time, it has also been a residence where many people lived, some well-known, and where the family that preserves its history, traditions and beauty lives today.
Every visitor, every traveler who enters the Castle of Santarcangelo di Romagna takes a journey into the past, and helps keep fortresses, fortresses and manors alive.


In the Bavaro Code (sec. VII - X) news is given of the existence, around the end of the ninth century, of a "chastrum sancti arcangeli”On Mons Iovis. A fortification that formed the backdrop to intense and tormented conspiracies, such as the centuries-old struggle between Guelphs and Ghibellines and the disputes between the lordships of the Malatesta and Montefeltro families.
The dominion of the Malatesta family (1295 - 1500) was decisive: the Dante "Mastin Vecchio" presided over the Castle on the occasion of its passage at the head of the Guelph party. Perhaps it is for the latter circumstance that some scholars have set the famous Dante story of Paolo and Francesca within the walls of the Castle of Santarcangelo.

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Malatesta family managed to acquire undisputed dominion over the vast area surrounding Rimini. It was mainly by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta that the fortress of Santarcangelo assumed, at the end of the works in 1447, the definitive configuration which it still preserves today.
In fact, the Castle has undergone a clear change over the centuries as regards its structure. Only a few traces of its primitive appearance remain embedded in the walls of the current Castle. In 1386, an enormous tower - called Mastio - among the highest in Italy, was built on the ruins of the ancient castle and by Carlo Malatesta, to protect itself from the attacks of its enemies. It was then Sigismondo Pandolfo who understood the keep and, with the resulting material, built the current structure of the Castle, more suitable for facing new military techniques.

In 1462 the Castle was taken by Federico da Montefeltro, reconquered by Roberto, son of Sigismondo Pandolfo, and set on fire by Cesare Borgia in 1498. After the fall of the Borgia, and abandoned by the Malatesta family, the Castle passed to the Venetians who ceded it to the Holy See in 1505. Starting from that date, and until the unification of Italy, it was given in emphyteusis to various lords, including the Zampeschi family, who opened the large windows that still give light to the three halls floor of the court.
In 1800 it was purchased by the Baldini counts, as indicated by the marble plaque on the wall of the Court in front of the entrance. In 1880 it became the property of the Massani family who transformed the Castle and its surroundings into a large agricultural center.
In 1903 it was bought by the Countess Eugenia Rasponi Murat, nephew of the princess Luisa Giulia Murat, daughter of Carolina Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister, and of Gioacchino Murat. Having no children, Countess Eugenia left the Castle to her cousin, Count Giovanni Battista Spalletti Trivelli, grandfather of Princess Marina Colonna di Paliano, who will inherit it definitively in 1992.


The castle of Santarcangelo is certainly among the most prestigious sites in Emilia Romagna, where you can choose to organize an important event. It is a structure capable of welcoming parties, anniversaries and important celebrations in intimacy and privacy.
In addition to the charm of its places, it will also be possible to count on the professionalism and organizational competence of various professional figures who will also help you in the preparation of receptions, promotional evenings, stages, training activities and film sets.
Its strategic position allows a good reachability of the site, also thanks to the neighboring railway station of Santarcangelo and the nearby motorway junction.
For each event you can take advantage, according to request and requirement, of a reserved catering service, a secretariat and a dedicated office.


Let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere and charm that hovers between the walls of the Castle of Santarcangelo; a place where you will discover the charm of spending unforgettable moments under the sign of exclusivity and enchantment out of time.
Whether you come here for a business trip to the Fiera di Rimini or Cesena or for a holiday trip, treat yourself to a special stop.

In the two comfortable and elegant suites, located respectively in the Torre dei Paesaggi and in the Torretta dei Tramonti, we have also reserved the certainty of an unforgettable stay.

It is possible to book the two suites for:
• Overnight stays for business trips such as trade fairs or other conventions
• Overnight stays for couples or small family groups on vacation
• First wedding night

All nights include breakfast and the possibility to organize breakfasts and buffets with table service

Guided tours

The Castle of Santarcangelo is open to the public every Sunday and it is possible to visit it also with the accompaniment of an expert guide who will be able to illustrate in detail the history of a monument at the center of the history of Romagna, revealing its small and great secrets.
It is possible to reserve "a special day at the castle”Which includes a guided tour inside the walls and a rich and delicious aperitif with buffet to be tasted in the main hall or outdoors, in the courtyard, in front of an enchanting panorama of the large valley that surrounds it.

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