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Lancellotti Castle

Majestic castle on the first stone of the Vallo di Lauro
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Lancellotti Castle

Lancellotti Castle, one of the most beautiful period residences in Campania, rises majestically at a distance from Nola, on the “first stone” of the Vallo di Lauro.
The first evidence dates back to before the year 1000, but the first concrete evidence of the existence of a feudal residence dates back to 1277.

Historical museum that welcomes thousands of visitors a year, location for private events and cultural events, the Lancellotti Castle represents an important pole of cultural attraction.

The ancient manor is today a dynamic reality, which reconciles its museum vocation with an intense activity in the organization of events, useful for the enhancement of the Property and capable of giving life to a virtuous circle that allows not to neglect a wise and constant work of protection and restoration.


It was built in an eminent position, on a rock facing south called "first stone", where, probably, there had already been a pre-existing construction in Roman times.

The first document in which the existence of this castle is mentioned dates back to 976 where it speaks of "Castel Lauri" a manor that can therefore boast over a thousand years of history, certified by written documents.

Other later testimonies have been found, but the first one that clearly alluded to the castle can be read in the registers of the Angevin Chancellery in the repertoire of the year 1277, when Margaret de Toucy, cousin of Charles I of Anjou, was granted custody of the castle by Lauro “pro habiliora mora”.

Several lordships have followed one another: the Princes of the Principality of Salerno in the Lombard period; the Sanseverino Counts of Caserta in the Norman period; the del Balzo Conti di Avellino in the Swabian-Angevin period; the Orsini Conti di Nola in the Aragonese period; the Pignatellis in the Renaissance period and finally, in the mid-600th century, it was bought by the noble Roman Lancellotti family.

Precisely during the Lancellotti lordship, in April 1799, the castle was set on fire by the French republicans and left abandoned until 1870 when Prince Don Filippo Massimo Lancellotti started the reconstruction work, which gave the castle its current appearance.
In more recent times, the manor has also been the backdrop to the film “Il Maestro di Don Giovanni” (1953) with two international stars as protagonists: Gina Lollobrigida and Errol Flynn.


Today, Lancellotti Castle is open to the public most of the year, offering the possibility of guided tours of the gardens and noble environments to occasional tourists, organized groups and school groups. It lends itself well as a stage for theatrical and musical performances, but also as a film and photographic set (often chosen by fashion houses and others who want to sponsor their products in an original and suggestive way).

The rooms of the Lancellotti Castle, bright and spacious, are the ideal place to organize conferences or conventions, as well as meetings and business meetings, seminars and training courses or of any kind.
The historical and artistic background of the Lancellotti Castle, however, also makes the manor the ideal place for exhibitions and displays.

The fascinating environments capable of reviving the style and magnificence of the past, also offer the possibility of organizing splendid gala evenings and unforgettable receptions (weddings, birthdays, private parties, etc). In fact, in addition to historical, artistic and architectural testimonies, the Lancellotti Castle offers a variety of fully functional spaces to accommodate both small and large numbers of guests.

Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Events Salons: 4
Places For Events: 300
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Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: +390818240013
Address: Piazza Castello, 1
Country: Italy
Phone: +390818240013

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