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Castle of Luco

History and traditions in the heart of the Marche region
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Built in the Middle Ages on a large travertine boulder, it is one of the most interesting and graceful castles in the Marche. The Amici family, which owns it, manages a restaurant and an accommodation facility with four charming rooms.

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Castle of Luco in Acquasanta Terme

Castel di Luco, immersed in the charming quiet of the boschi and in the simplicity of the rural life, will welcome its guests through the path of one ladder obtained in the rock, preparing them for the unforgettable thrill of crossing it port access.

Laura and Francesco, i owners, have achieved with love and commitment in the village located under the castle, four wonderful suites.

They will welcome you with gioia e simplicity, through the genuine flavors area of gastronomy local.

They will be able to send you the same intense ones emozioni and the enthusiasm of those who live in a place really only and of whom, to his recovery and its fruition, has dedicated and continues to devote its efforts.

History and traditions in the heart of the Marche region

A bubble of Pope Leo IX of the 1052 testifies to the existence of this rare it's particular castle of Piceno which preserves the structure almost completely intact medieval.

On origins of castle there are several hypotheses: the most accredited is perhaps that of the Colucci, historian of the '700, who held that Luco  was anciently an wood sacred in which they were celebrated horrible rites heathens.

Certain news of the existence of the castle on the other hand, thanks to the bubble of Pope Leo IX, preserved in the archive of cathedral di Ascoli.

Survivor of the invasion of the militias of Carlo D'Angiò and to the soldiers of Galeotto Malatesta, Castel di Luco was the protagonist of historical events exceptional. From here he left Peter of Vanne Ciucci