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Quistini Castle

Exclusive weddings and receptions in the heart of Franciacorta
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The Quistini Castle in Franciacorta

Il Quistini Castle It is the ideal location to organize weddings e parties immersed in the green of the beautiful hills of Franciacorta.

You will find yourself immersed in aatmosphere relaxing among the scents e colors its gardens and splendid labirinti di pink.

It has one room parties able to host up to 190 people, two large arcade, a park of 10.000 square meters, gazebo e furniture from the garden.

It is obviously possible to equip theevent of an adequate service cateringduly custom based on everyone's needs.

The wonderful garden botanical place inside it has one collection over 1500 variety of pink, hidden green corners, the garden secret of the hydrangeas, the garden bioenergetic, brolo; where you can to admire the most strange and ancient variety di plants da fruit it's a garden of simple ones for one magic e suggestive percorso olfactory.


Il Quistini Castle It is also known as Palazzo Porcellaga, from the surname of the noble who in 1560 he had it built like place of residence fortified replacement of the Castle of Rovato.

It was built in a territorio where they alternated domination Venetian and French, for this reason it was often headquarters of different garrisons military.

During the second half of the 1500 it was very common for the nobles to build palaces fortified in the campaigns, obviously fenced from walls defensive, to protect them from numerous battles dell 'Age.

Castle Quistini, one of a kind, is one of the last examples of these civilians architectures.

It has a belt wall shaped pentagon irregular with mura thin, five Torrioni at the corners and one tower of four Piani mail tointernal.

For its construction the. was used Stone "Serene" typical of the area of Lake byIseo (stone of Sarnico). With this same matter many others were built palaces e cascine area of Franciacorta.

Despite part of the castle both privately owned, it is possible to carry out visits in some sale, including the Sala grotesque and room which, with its 150 square meters, is a single room span bigger than the Franciacorta.


location weddings and events in Franciacorta

ViSite: € 6 / 8 except conventions e groups

The Gardens of Castello Quistini they can be visited during the months of May e June all Sundays e Holidays From 10,00 12,00 and by 15,00 18,00.

Guided tours for groups: by reservation, minimum 10 people

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Pets allowed
Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Events Salons: 2
Places For Events: 190
Set In Outdoors: Si
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Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 3208519177
Address: Via Sopramura, 3a
Postal Code: 25038
Country: Italy
Phone: 3208519177

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