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Rivalta Castle

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The Castle of Rivalta

Il Rivalta Castle it is one of the very few European examples of manors surrounded by an ancient village  habitually inhabited by the family Zanardi Landi, which has owned it since the end of 1.200.

Thousands of tourists visit this exclusive and highly evocative place every year, coming from every region of Italy and from abroad. The castle and its village have kept intact their unique history, their magic and their charm.

Il castle has 54 sale furnished with furnishings e vintage carpets (from 1400 forward) and made functional over time to accommodate guests with needs obviously changed with the passing of the centuries.

The castle has been and still is visited by Kings and Queens, by Princes, by Members of Noble Families and State leaders, coming from all over the world. In this amazing place, Princess Margareth, the sister of Elisabeth, the Queen of England, has spent her summer holidays for several years.

The history of the Castello di Rivalta

The first news about the existence of the Rivalta Castle seems to date back to an 1025 purchase act.

in the XNUMX as evidenced in the documents of the time, the emperor Henry II gives a part of the manor to the monastery of San Savino in Piacenza.

Thirty years later the rest of the structure is sold to the same monastery, which, thanks to this acquisition, gained in richness and importance.

For the following century, the Castle was concerned by sieges, destructions and alternation of owners.

the lord of the Village and of the feud is Obizzo Landi. Since then the Castle has always belonged - with brief interruptions - to the Landi family.

In the XNUMX both theCastle that the Village are purchased by the Earl Carlo Zanardi Landi of Veano, descendant of Pietro Zanardi Landi, one of the contenders in the divisional litigation occurred in the fourteenth century.

To the Zanardi Landi, current owners, we owe the restoration and the magnificent development of the structure.

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From 30 March to 14 June 2019 - Exhibition "The tables of an ancient Piacenza family", "Journey to Europe - optical views" and "The costumes of Artemio Cabassi"

The Castello di Rivalta opens the spring season with the return of three of its most appreciated exhibitions: "Travel in Europe - optical views"," The tables of an ancient Piacenza family "and" The costumes of Artemio Cabassi ".

For the third time, Count Orazio Zanardi Landi shows an important heritage of his family: 104 original optical views of the 1700.
These are very brightly colored engravings, representing streets and squares of the main European cities: the windows of the buildings represented are specially pierced and covered with colored papers, so that, once the light is turned off, the backlit views turn into a night vision of the same scene!

The second exhibition of unique pieces belonging to the Conti Zanardi Landi family includes a collection of tassels, organza, lace, silverware, crystals and rare porcelain. This is not a museum exhibit of precious objects but the reconstruction of the historical route of the Conti Zanardi Landi family through the true “mise en place” that the family has used over the centuries on their tables.
The itinerary is completed by a clothing exhibition entrusted to the great costume designer and haute couture designer Artemio Cabassi, a prestigious name in the national and international theater and opera world. The clothes are inspired by the historical novel “Bianchina Landi or the expulsion of Galeazzo Visconti”, set right inside the Castle of Rivalta.
During the exhibitions, the visit itinerary will be enriched with some rooms that are usually inaccessible

Guided tour times:

Monday and Tuesday by reservation only (12 euro rate per person + 25 euro for the guided tour in Italian or 35 euro for the guided tour in English)
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 11.00 and 15: 30
Saturday: 11 hours: 00, 14: 00, 15: 20, 16: 40, 18: 00 *
Sunday: 10 hours: 30, 14: 00, 15: 20, 16: 40, 18: 00 *
* start of the last guided tour


ENTIRE: 12 euro
REDUCED FEES (Touring Club, Camperlife, Wax Museum, Passport of the Castles of the Duchy, Plein Air, Journalists, Teachers): 11 euro
REDUCED CHILDREN (from 6 to 12 years): 10 euro
FAMILY PROMO (n ° 2 adults + n ° 2 paying children): 38 euro (a child enters for free)
REDUCED GROUPS (starting from 10 people): 12 euro (one free ticket every 20 people)
FREE: children under 6 years, disabled

The price of the admission ticket includes the historical visit of the Castle, admission to all three exhibitions, the museum of military costume and the museum of the Battle of Lepanto.

Other activities not included in the ticket price:

• possibility to have lunch at the "Caffè di Rivalta" bistro, which for the occasion will offer a historic recipe of the Zanardi Landi family, the "Ravioli stuffed with pears and gorgonzola", or at the two restaurants in the Borgo, the Falco "and the restaurant" La Rocchetta "
• packages with overnight stay at the "Residenza Torre di San Martino" hotel
• tastings and gourmet shopping at the “Re di Coppe” shop (inside the ancient keep of the Borgo).

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