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Castle of San Fabiano

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The Castle of San Fabiano in Monteroni d'Arbia

Il Castle of San Fabiano, is located in the suggestive regione of the Crete Senesi, just 12 km south of Siena, between Chianti and the Val d''Orcia and has the characteristics of a small one village constituted by Tower of the twelfth century, the Villa padronale, i buildings agricultural and the Church dell '867 AD dedicated to San Fabiano, Pope and martyr.

La Tower di San Fabiano was part of a system of signal towers along the way Francigena, between the first outpost of the Republic Senese, radicofani, and the Tower of It eats in the center of city di Siena; the small and charming Church, With the 'apse dating back to the IX century and facade of 1700, represented for i Pilgrims a rest stop for the body and the spirit.

At the end of 1400 il Castle it was transformed into farm fortified by noble family Forteguerri that owned it up to 1916.

Subsequently, for a period of 30 years, the property it changed hands and was dismembered.

In 1950 it was bought by Accounts Florentines, Roman entrepreneurs, who worked for a decade in the renovation of property, including 25 farms, by replacing the Estate agricultural, up to an extension of over 750 hain order to use the property like place of residence summer and reserve hunting; thanks to their commitment the Castle San Fabiano it became a thriving one center agricultural.

Today Estate San Fabiano it has become an area faunal restocking and the current owners, the Florentine Architect Fiorentini and his wife Beatrice, have chosen to live permanently in this place, with their three children, to turn it into an elegant one mansion, simple, but rich in charm, in which to welcome guests from all over the world, eager to know the Tuscany and the true italian Life style.


Il Castle of San Fabiano, like all the rest of the village, has suffered, in the course of centuries, numerous interventions architectural which, even today, characterize its appearance and they also make it one structure really only in its generally.

In village, the buildings medieval, alternate with column and times Renaissancethe farms e granaries typical of the period of Sharecropping Sienese, while, from time to time, it is possible to see interventions more recent, some dating back to the second postwar period.

Fabiano he was the 20 ° bishop of Rome e Pope area of Church Catholic, whose election occurred in truly extraordinary circumstances: i Christians, gathered in Rome to elect the new one bishop, examining the names of various characters nobles it's a lot distinguished, suddenly saw a dove alight on the head of Fabiano, a poor farmer who was for a mere case in the city.

This view reminded the confraterni reunited the scene Evangelical of the descent of the Spirit Holy on Saviorand so, divinely inspired by what had just happened before their eyes, they chose unanimously Fabiano as a new Pope.

In the course of his pontificate lasted 14 years and of which there are very few news, the persecution against i Christians they had a break.

Services: agritourism, events location and weddings in the Crete Senesi

Weddings: starting from € 1500
Company events: from € 1500

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Single price per day: 2 beds from € 130 to € 250
Single price per week: 2 beds from € 860 to € 1660
Single weekend price: 2 beds from € 260 to € 500
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Restaurants sectors: starting from € 30

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Swimming pool
Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Price: €3,300 / day
Bedrooms: 9
Beds: 18
Events Salons: 4
Places For Events: 300
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Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: +39 0577 374682 +39 3473811098
Address: Via di San Martino, 1000a
Postal Code: 53014
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 0577 374682 +39 3473811098

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