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Castle of San Pietro

The Castle of St. Peter and the Xi'an Army exhibition, UNESCO heritage
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The Castle of San Pietro

The Castle of San Pietro was built in XNUMX at the behest of Bartolomeo Barattieri, jurisconsult and ambassador of Piacenza to the court of Pope Julius II della Rovere. Over the centuries the manor has not undergone substantial changes and today offers a faithful and valuable testimony of fifteenth-century aristocratic residence.

Arranged on a quadrangular plan from which emerge the two round towers located to defend the north side and the entrance donjon, the castle appears externally austere and compact, while inside a double row of arches with a delicate design makes it graceful and elegant.

Among the internal rooms, particularly interesting are the two halls of honour with finely decorated and painted wooden beam ceilings, the library rich in an important collection of ancient books on the history of Piacenza, the kitchen of the branches, the icebox and the basement.

The building is surrounded by wide green spaces, a wooded park where the original paths wind their way and an equally vast lawn that opens to the right.

The structure is entirely furnished and open to the public and houses in th