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Tor Crescenza Castle

A medieval castle just a few minutes from the center of Rome
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The Castle of Tor Crescenza

The Castle of Tor Crescenza is located a few steps from Via Flaminia in the Corso Francia area just outside Rome. Completely restored and renovated, the castle has a facade with two classic side towers bordered by the equally classic crenellated edges.

At the center of the drawbridge in perfect medieval style allows access to a cloister, the guesthouse and magnificent rooms for receptions and banquets. The interiors are finely and richly furnished with polished marble floors and slabs, in the halls also famous tromp d'oeil paintings that tell scenes of life of the ancient owners.

No less impressive is the exterior of the castle, with avenues leading to gardens full of fountains, which, thanks to a linear and perfect geometry, recreate with the passage between a pool and another of the striking water features.

The history of the Castle of Tor Crescenza

The Castle of Tor Crescenza was built in the fifteenth century by the Marquis Francesco Crescenzi. In the beginning it was only a tower, created in 1100 to protect the city from attacks by enemies and was expanded in the Middle Ages, when the Crescenzi family took possession of the same and the surrounding area.

The complex bears the name of its founders and was called "Castello della Crescenza". It is known, from literary sources, that many artists of the painting have worked in the castle, in particular the disciples of Giulio Romano, painter of the sixteenth century, and the members of the current Zuccari.

What today has become a location for exclusive events, has been a source of inspiration for works by painters, not only Italians, but also foreigners, including Claude Lorrain, Nicolas Poussin and Jean Baptiste Corot.

Services: wedding locations and charming events just a few minutes from Rome

The Castle is suitable for different types of preparation and it is possible to organize events of any kind. In addition, the castle is often used for locations dedicated to cinema, TV and photography.

The castle offers events of various kinds such as:

  • receptions
  • Ceremonies
  • Weddings
  • Private events
  • Business events
  • Cinema Location
  • Location advertising spots
  • Television location
Park or garden
Events Salons: 5
Places For Events: 1000
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 392 4909872 - 337 720905 - 389 1460236 - 06 33652707
Address: Via dei Due Ponti, 100
Postal Code: 00189
Country: Italy
Phone: 392 4909872 - 337 720905 - 389 1460236 - 06 33652707

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