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San Lorenzo complex

An ancient dwelling dating back to the fourteenth century
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The Complex of San Lorenzo in Castelnuovo del Garda

The ancient dwelling dating back to the fourteenth century and called "Complex of San Lorenzo" provides a large part of the park as a location for both film / fiction / advertising and photographic and film services and for corporate events and book presentation parties. , works of art and food and wine products for fabulous receptions immersed in the green of the hill: birthdays, graduation parties, bachelor parties, confirmations, communions, baptisms, marriages with religious and civil rites ... It is a unique location, immersed in an oasis of peace and tranquility in the green moraine hills, with a view of Lake Garda and striking sunsets, overlooking the small hill with gentle slopes and surrounded by beautiful olive groves and lush vineyards ... qualities that enchant and strike in the heart of the people. It is a place able to reconcile with the world and with oneself: the precious charm of an uncontaminated nature, the ancient Church of San Lorenzo of the XIV century and the ancient stone well in the courtyard where the Servite friars prayed and worked, they are able to give you forgotten and indescribable emotions. Wherever you breathe history, the "Location San Lorenzo" offers a setting full of traditions and culture: it was a destination for important people such as the famous writer Dante Alighieri and the famous singer Callas on the millennial fair held every year on the third Sunday of the month of November and recalls the transhumance of the shepherds with their flock from the mountains to the plain; looking south to the historical scenario of the battles of San Martino and Solferino and the remains of the cemetery area at the time of Attila and the Huns and on the square stone boulder near the convent relives the episode of the golden marengo offered by King Carlo Alberto while observing the trap of Peschiera del Garda during the War of Independence and not missing the esoteric implication, in fact it is said that for the convent is a ghost with chains and heavy step and that the church is buried the seated body of a clerical.
It belongs to the same noble family from the 1877 and the last descendant, animated by the deep love for this property called "San Lorenzo", is reporting with profusion and adamant tenacity the Complex of San Lorenzo to its ancient and radiant splendor!
The animals are very welcome guests and well accepted for any event that you organize!
The "Location San Lorenzo" awaits you in its rustic setting with its mysterious and attractive charm in a jovial, welcoming and very suggestive environment!

The history of the San Lorenzo Complex

Brief notions on the history of the Church of San Lorenzo and its convent.
The Church is dedicated to the Saint Lawrence, immersed in the green of the moraine hills in a valuable landscape context, located on the top of the homonymous hill in Cavalcaselle (VR). It was the first parish church in the area from what emerges from the marble plaque and written in Latin on the top of the side door and served various communities and a large area. It dates back to the early fifteenth century and belonged to the Marquis Mariotto da Monte who, for the services rendered to the Serenissima as a general, obtained the territory of Cavalcaselle. He 13 May 1470 donated with notarial act the Church of San Lorenzo and the adjoining convent to the Order of Servants of Mary of the Observance requiring them to erect a Church in honor of the Virgin Mary (identifiable in the nearby oratory of Santa Maria degli Angeli ) with the obligation of residency and to officiate periodically religious rites. With the disregard by Teodoro da Monte of the concessions made in the past by the ancestors, the Servants of Mary were forced at the end of the next century to leave the Church of San Lorenzo and its convent. Extinct the family from Monte in 1653, the San Lorenzo complex passed into property to the Marquis Antonio Maffei ... the Church of San Lorenzo was object of challenge to duel in the city of Verona between the latter and the noble De Milei! The Church of San Lorenzo was semi-destroyed in the 1667 and rebuilt in the 1694. During the First War of Independence, being a dominant position, King Carlo Alberto from San Lorenzo gave the signal to start the artillery shots to make the fortress of Peschiera capitulate. In the 1866 it risked being demolished to build the fortifications for the artillery together with the Church of the sanctuary of the Frassino in Peschiera del Garda. The 23 Aprile 1877 was purchased by Gaetano Tiolo, my great-grandfather, at auction and since then it belongs to my family. He survived the earthquakes. My great-grandparents, Giulia Tiolo and Colonel Sigismondo Del Medico, transformed it into a military hospital during the First World War and gave it back to worship on the occasion of the millennial fair the 20 November 1922, as the plaque placed next to the main door of the Church of San Lorenzo. The fair is still held every year on the third Sunday of November for three days and recalls the transhumance of shepherds and herds from Monte Baldo to the plains. It colors folklore the hill of San Lorenzo with the "stracada of the fair", trump races, performances of the dialectal comedy, exhibitions, food stands with market, display of vintage agricultural machinery, the parade of horses and carriages and horse shows ! Even the famous Callas prayed with his presence the fair and the Church of San Lorenzo! Also Dante Alighieri met the fair on the hill of San Lorenzo during his first stay in Verona, host of the Scaligeri Signoria: prof. Giorgio Vandelli, fond of history and local archeology, sees in the first triplet of the XX Canto dell'Inferno the hill of San Lorenzo ... "Place is in the middle where the Trentino / pastor and that of Brescia and 'l Veronese / segnar porìa, if you took that path./ Sishe Peschiera, beautiful and strong tool / to face Bresciani and Bergamaschi, / where the shore around more descents./Ivi convien that all the helmets / what 'n lap in Benaco not a bit', / and fassi river down for greens paschi./ As soon as the running water puts co, / no more Benaco, but Mincio is called / up to Governol, where it falls in Po. " The first triplet is one of the most discussed because none of the national commentators had been informed of the existence of a thousand-year-old shepherd fair on the San Lorenzo hill overlooking the small town of Peschiera "sitting down" and also the beginning of the river Mincio which goes towards the Po. In the description of the territory of Dante, as explained by Prof. Giorgio Vandelli, the landscape is recognized: first the description of the hill, the meeting place of the shepherds; then that of Peschiera, visible from the hill with the lake; finally, in the following triplets the image of the Mincio and of the lake that "fassi river down for green paschi".
Today the Church of San Lorenzo has miraculously survived the devastating and violent fire of the 21 / 12 / 2013 despite being burned an entire truss and that has completely destroyed and stripped his convent.
The Church of San Lorenzo and its convent are protected by the Superintendency of Verona with Protocol number 11424.

Services: wedding locations and events on Lake Garda

Service Wedding Planner and Service Party Planner included: it is entrusted to a professional, serious and courteous person who undertakes to organize with elegance and elegant flair your event in a functional and creative way coordinating all the subjects involved in the realization (florist, catering, local winery, preparation, complex music, beautician, hairdresser, make-up, seamstress, entertainer for children, reservations for overnight stays in a B & B / hotel very close, vintage car rental ...) streamlining and facilitating the client's commitments.

The "Location San Lorenzo" offers free rental lanterns and other objects such as center-table in Boho-Chic style.
Service Cartomancy: for your party or wedding party at the "Location San Lorenzo" give guests a special and exciting time with the reading of the future!

Large unattended parking.
Free guided tours to be arranged at the Church of San Lorenzo.
Rent locations for weddings, receptions, baptisms and communions.
Private parties, birthdays and graduations.
Rent location for corporate events, meetings, courses and presentation parties.
Vintage market: The Location San Lorenzo organizes vintage markets with dozens of stalls that animate the centuries-old park, with an old-fashioned flavor, but still in fashion: clothes, bags, hats, shoes and costume jewelery; there is no lack of items for home furnishings (antiques) or fabrics with which to make clothes, tablecloths, scarves, collectibles and much more. If you love retro style and looking for the particular and unique garment that can enrich your wardrobe, the San Lorenzo Location is for you! If vintage is your daily bread, the market at the Location San Lorenzo is a must for you!
If you are a hobbyist or professional exhibitor contact us to subscribe: 40,00 euro / day h8-20.

Pets allowed
Park or garden
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Places For Events: 250
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Phone: 3203052170
Address: Via San Lorenzo, 8
Postal Code: 37014
Country: Italy
Phone: 3203052170

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