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Michetti Convent

Ex Franciscan convent of the fifteenth century. in Francavilla al Mare
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Michetti Convent

National Monument and former Franciscan convent of the fifteenth century. located in Francavilla al Mare (CH). The church of Santa Maria del Gesù (better known as S. Antonio da Padova and under the aegis of the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore) is part of the architectural complex of the Michetti Convent. The reception rooms overlook the cloister on one side, a usable and semi-covered area, and the garden on the other, also a National Monument.


Former Franciscan convent from around 1450. located in Francavilla al Mare (CH), it was bought by the painter Francesco Paolo Michetti in 1885 to make it his home studio. The Convent was the seat of Michetti's Last Supper which in its halls had its maximum expression and which included artists of the highest level such as Gabriele D'Annunzio, who wrote the "Pleasure" here, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Matilde Serao, Edoardo scarfoglio and many others.

In 1939, by the will of King Vittorio Emanuele III, it became a National Monument.

The Michetti Convent is still inhabited by the painter's heirs who, with continuous conservative restorations, have kept it exactly as it once was: the essential cloister with the two goggles made by the artist looking at the garden and the sea, the white refectory and garden, designed by Donna Annunziata Michetti, with the monumental hedges that protect the citrus grove from the sea wind, the cistern that collects the water from the spring located in the hills. All framed by a magnificent view of the sea.
For years it has been home to the prestigious Michetti Prize and to numerous artistic and cultural events.

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