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Dimora delle Balze

Charme and tradition in Sicily
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Dimora delle Balze in Noto

Dimora delle Balze is one ancient estate of 1800 in the province of Noto (Syracuse), built by a noble family of Palazzolo Acreide who used it as a farm and summer estate, then abandoned for more than 50 years and subsequently purchased by the current property.

Thanks to an accurate conservative restoration, which sees a harmonious combination of contemporary taste and Mediterranean flavor, a detailed research of unique pieces, vintage elements and design, the guest can feel pampered by a home atmosphere and breathe through the ancient peeling walls, floors, frescoes original ancient peasant and Mediterranean tradition, synthesis of the many invasions occurred on the island.

Crossing the interiors and exteriors, which in all constitute 27 hectares, one has the sensation of returning children and finding oneself in a world still to be discovered, thanks to the energy transmitted by the attention to detail, the ancient frescoes, the original vaults and the traditional colors that makes Dimora delle Balze a unique place. The ancient estate, therefore, involves all the senses offering colors, aromas and unique flavors.

The original architecture has been preserved, in fact we find the three original courts, the first has a stone floor of Modica, which aims to recall the character of the historic farms of a time, this court faces 7 resident, each with an adjacent terrace, finally, thanks to its quadrangular structure can accommodate up to 150 people. The second court called "Winter Garden", Which, thanks to the ancient walls that surround it is an ideal relaxation area, but which can host an event up to 180 people, finally, inside there is the manger which overlooks a bedroom, which in the past it was a chicken house. The third and last court is the "Giardino Padronale", where we find ancient columns of classical taste and a splendid view of the Valle and the river Manghisi, the ideal place to host up to 100 people.

Area "Resident Lounge", area "Swimming pool"And the"Limonaia"They are a fascinating and suggestive place where you can host up to 300 people, to enjoy the view of the barren landscape that surrounds this space and savor the intoxicating smells of lemon and jasmine.
The interior spaces consist of 12 residences with sizes ranging from 25 square meters to 40 square meters, each different from the other and curated in detail, whose names are a tribute to the Sicilian artists who have made famous the name of this beautiful region. We also find 3 salons that have been given different functions with the ability to host 30 people for each space; crossing the original arches is the first is the "Green Living Room" designed for the moment of breakfast, the second is the "Salone Azzurro" the ideal place to undertake a relaxing reading, finally, the "Salone Rosa" also called the game. Adjacent to the halls we find the "Mangiatoia" where we find furnishings of Mediterranean taste and elements with an evocative design for a moment of meeting and conviviality during meals.

The important dimensions and the originality of this suggestive place make it the ideal place to host wedding ceremonies, vernissages, photographic exhibitions, fashion shows, scenic events, photo shootings, film sets, and much more by hosting up to 300 people, far from the chaos of the city.

The history of the Dimora delle Balze

The current Dimora delle Balze boasts a centuries-old history, in fact, a first part was built in the early years of 1800, later, with the purchase of the estate by a noble family of Palazzolo Acreide, was expanded, then abandoned for almost 50 years and purchased from the current property in the 2009.

The place where stands Dimora is steeped in history, as is documented in the book by Mara Morrone "Mass, massacres and Syracusan masserie", the southern countryside after the events of the Italian Risorgimento were the gathering place of bands and brigands swollen by the multitude of LNG levitators imposed by the Savoy state. The noble owners of the estates were forced to make them inaccessible to the criminals, through the construction of high walls, solid guard buildings and loopholes still recognizable today. It is thanks to this story that the place was given the name of "Passu Latru", or "Passo Ladro", in fact, in the area of ​​the estate and in the neighboring areas we find numerous caves dug into the rock that were used by brigands to hide or prepare ambushes.

In ancient times Dimora delle Balze was not only exploited as a place where the noble family that owned the estate spent the summer, but also as an area where to keep the animals and cultivate the land, even today, in fact, 14 of the 27 hectares in which it extends Dimora are cultivable and certified 100% biological.
At one time the large masseria gathered around a large quadrangular courtyard in stone. The left side was intended for the farmer's home, warehouses and stables, today, thanks to a conservative restoration, we find the reception and numerous rooms all equipped with a small terrace adjacent to the courtyard, also restored keeping faith with the architecture of the once. The right side was instead the house of the property, where, crossing an ancient gate, you went to a garden where there were some benches placed under a pergola supported by classic columns, restored and still present today, from where you overlooked the Valley and Manghisi River. The house consisted of numerous large frescoed rooms, which the current owner has decided to faithfully restore using lime colors. The kitchen area had an elevated pantry and a large oven still present today. Externally there was a solid guardhouse, softened by a characteristic battlements, today we find a bedroom from which you can admire the Valley, the Valley of the carob trees and the swimming pool area.

After a meticulous restoration in the interior of the Dimora you can breathe the ancient atmosphere and humble farm work, bringing the guest back in time by putting in a harmonious contrast between contemporary and Sicilian tradition, the latter influenced by numerous invasions which have seen Corinthians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs as protagonists, starting from 652.
Dimora delle Balze, moreover, is located on the high level of the Iblei a few km from Palazzolo Acreide, city of Val di Noto recognized in the 2002 byUNESCO World Heritage Site for his baroque churches.

Services: reception, wedding location and events in Sicily

Dimora delle Balze it is proposed, with its own 27 hectares extension, as the ideal place to organize wedding ceremonies, preview, photographic exhibitions, fashion shows, scenic events, photo shootings, movie sets, and much more hosting up to 300 people.

In the interior spaces we find three salons, each with the ability to accommodate up to 30 people.
With the rental of minimum 8 rooms on 12 or the entire Residence, the guest will be able to enjoy the many services available to the estate, such as the fitness area adjacent to the Swimmingpool, service spa, Wireless free daily maid service with evening room service, conditioned air cold hot, hairdryer, Satellite TV, bath products personalized, safe, minibarIn addition, a kettle with herbal teas can be used for pets.
In the outdoor spaces of this ancient masseria guests will be able to undertake exciting walks in the woods and visit the ancient caves.
Periodically they take place workshop regarding pastry, photography and gastronomy held by important masters of the sector.
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