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Dimore Muratore

A charming historic villa in the heart of Salento
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La Dimora Muratore in Lecce

Built at the end of the nineteenth century, Dimore Muratore It is an elegant one villa located in the heart of Lecce, a few steps from the Duomo. Recently renovated and with an eclectic character, it rises on the original sixteenth-century walls of the city.

Dimora Muratore is surrounded, as in a green embrace, by a magnificent hanging garden of about one thousand square meters that climbs up the walls through two elegant and sinuous flights of stairs, decorated with columns, until reaching the two master entrances. A game of terracing and dry stone walls, centuries-old trees, some now endangered, such as the jacaranda, the false pepper (also known as pink pepper or skinus molle), the ginkgo biloba, the Ethioler (or "millicucco" "), Different varieties of bamboo and palm trees, as well as fragrant citrus trees, pomegranates, colorful bougainvillea and wild capers, make this garden one of a kind.

Each room on the main floor of the villa is enriched by beautiful mosaic floors handcrafted by the Peluso brothers, well-known mosaicists who, until the forties of the last century, were the authors of a copious review of floor plans in palaces, villas and houses of the nobility Salento, but especially in numerous churches, chapels and public buildings. Of the frescoes by Domenico Abbracciavento, which originally decorated all the vaults of the Dwelling, currently remains, in excellent condition following restoration, only that of one of the salons.

Owned by the Muratore family for generations, the Dimora has been patiently restored in full respect of the past but, at the same time, with an eye to innovation. A mix of modern art, art deco and authentic design objects, the result of careful research by the owners, harmonizes well with the architecture of the villa.

The entire ground floor, embellished with a modern mosaic made with the same ancient techniques as the one on the upper floor, has been used as a Relais and has three elegant and comfortable rooms, characterized by typical arched vaults. The guest will thus have the opportunity to experience and enjoy in first person the beauty of the home and the scenery in which it is immersed.

Rooms, each with private bathroom with chromotherapy and private garden corner, open onto the central hall of the villa and are tastefully furnished and equipped with every comfort (air conditioning with temperature control, Wi-Fi internet, mini bar, flat screen TV, kettle kit, courtesy line for bathroom shower, linen) just like the most exclusive hotels, but in an oasis of total privacy and silence.

Breakfast, rich in typical products, is served in the bright central hall or, on request, in your own garden corner.

Guests can also pamper themselves and indulge themselves in the well-being of an enchanting and colorful "hammam“, Thus spending your stay in complete relaxation.

In short, an exclusive shelter that kidnaps and leaves you breathless, where the guest can experience a unique stay and regain possession of their time, rediscovering the beauty of silence.

The history of the Dimore Muratore

Historical Origins:

The ancient Messapian origins of the City of Lecce, the archaeological remains dating back to the Roman domination, testimonies and works of art of that era, but also of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, are mixed with the richness and the exuberance of the Baroque, which explodes into a very specific and specific declination. A rib of an architectural style so unique and personal that it deserves the nickname "barocco leccese".


This architectural style, spread in Lecce in the seventeenth century during the Spanish domination, quickly took the place of classical art, creating a style that left room for imagination and imagination, thanks also to the "Lecce stone", a common limestone and soft local stone. compact, warm and golden colors, which lends itself very well to working with the stonemason.

Dimore Muratore:

In the heart of this unique setting, Dimora Muratore was built at the behest of the landowner Rocco Chillino at the end of the nineteenth century and stands on the sixteenth-century walls of the city of Lecce. A relevant and rare testimony of the original city walls, dating back to the distant Messapian and Roman period, is found, scrupulously preserved, on the ground floor of the villa. Each room on the main floor of the villa is adorned with a long theory of tesserae that constitutes the great carpet of the splendid mosaic floor, realized with ancient techniques almost lost, by the famous brothers Michele and Giuseppe Peluso, belonging to a family of well-known mosaicists Tricase, active between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Authoritative studies have tried to reconstruct the history and the numbers of an enterprise flourishing at the time, which went from the artisan dimension to industry, before failing and disappearing in the 1935. The five brothers Peluso (from Paolino, 1819-1893, shoemaker) moved to Lecce in the 1888 and, at the beginning of the twentieth century, opened a factory that gave work to three hundred people. 120 buildings and 280 mosaic layouts were counted, 85% of which certainly refer to the Peluso hand. Among the best known in the territory, for example, that of the elder brothers Antonio, Ippazio and Luigi, authors, in the 1875, of the restoration of the famous mosaics of the cathedral of Otranto.
But it is the work of their younger brothers, Michele and Giuseppe precisely, the one even more noble. It seems that it was the latter, in fact, the true mind of the company, the great innovator, who patented, in the 1904, the technique of armed litociation. And it was under his magistery that the Peluso realized, above all, the mosaic floor of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

The chromatic refinement, the execution ability of Michele and Giuseppe Peluso and the richness of the iconographic repertoire - geometric, floral, natural, vegetal, with figures of anthropomorphic animals - make the floor mosaic of the Dimora a work of inestimable value. In one room you can see a unique detail, a decoration with floral motifs, where, at the center of the composition, the initials "R" and "C" stand out, that is Rocco Chillino, the original owner of the villa, married to Rosaria woman, which was dedicated and from which the original name derives (the effigies "Villa Rosaria" in fact can still be clearly noticed engraved on the exterior of the columns of the main entrance).

In addition to the unique and sumptuous floors, we can observe some colorful frescoes made by Domenico Abbracciavento, originally from Bari. Initially these works decorated all the vaults of the Abode, while now only one remains, patiently restored and now alive as before, covering the full arched ceiling of the main hall on the first floor. In this enchanting setting is perfectly connected the white marble fireplace always by the work of the Peluso, representing a detailed and vital stage.

Dimora Muratore is a truly unique place, always an integral part, witness and direct protagonist of the extraordinary history of the City of Lecce.

Services: charming hotels, relais, events location in Salento

Dimore Muratore he has used the entire ground floor a relais with three elegant and comfortable rooms, of which an exclusive suite with hammam, characterized by typical arch vaults.

The rooms, each with private bathroom with chromotherapy and private garden corner, open onto the central hall of the villa and are equipped with every comfort (air conditioning / heating with temperature control, Wi-Fi, mini bar, flat screen TV, kettle kit, courtesy line for bathroom shower, shower linen, hairdryer) just like the most exclusive hotels, but in an oasis of total privacy and silence.

Breakfast, included in the living room, will give the guest a pleasant awakening with typical and genuine 0 products, prepared by the house or by small but excellent local and artisan businesses of the area and served in the bright central hall or, on request, in the own corner of the garden.

Home resturant

An exclusive "home restaurant" service, reserved for guests staying at the Dimora, is available upon advance reservation.

Suite with hammam

Guests in the suite can pamper themselves and indulge in the well-being of a charming and colorful hammam.

Staff for customers

Our staff will be available for any customer needs, from the organization of a transfer, bike or car rental, to the planning of customized tours.

Free Wi-Fi and free broadband internet available throughout the property.

La Dimora is available for rent, after evaluation of the property, for private events e events.

Wellness spa
Pets allowed
Park or garden
Price: € 125 / per night
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 7
Events Salons: 1
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: + 39 348 7140460 - + 39 333 9030552
Address: Via Scarambone, 36
Postal Code: 73100
Country: Italy
Phone: + 39 348 7140460 - + 39 333 9030552

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