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Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation

A museum house in the heart of Perugia
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The Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation in Perugia

A house museum in the heart of Perugia which reveals the elegance and richness of perfectly preserved furnishings and collections. Belonging to one of the most prestigious Perugian families, the Palazzo degli Oddi, now Fondazione Marini Clarelli Santi, reveals to the public a noble residence, testimony of more than three centuries of history.

located in medieval district of Porta S. Susanna, rises with the eighteenth-century facade, elegant and severe, at the beginning of via dei Priori, royal road to Old Town, on the ancient square once called 'degli Oddi'. The great sixteenth-century salon on the ground floor, which preserves the coffered ceiling painted and the original terracotta floor, the glorious deeds of the Oddi family, interspersed with mannerist and harmonious figures of Muse and Virtue, are frescoed with squares. Overlooking the loggia you can admire the eighteenth-century garden, which announces the suggestive view of the Perugian landscape.

On the main floor a second representative hall, originally a ballroom, frescoed with noble coats of arms, preserves period furniture and six- eighteenth-century paintings, witnesses of a collection made up of 1600 with noteworthy examples of the art of central and northern Italy , including Luigi Scaramuccia and Francesco del Cairo.

The Lady's apartment, three rooms inaugurated in the mid-eighteenth century, contain a series of paintings by ruin painters, furnishings and furnishings all original that tell the story and the stories of the people who lived in the house. Family portraits wink at the visitor, antique table games and furnishing furnishings evoke the life that has passed in the noble rooms.

A small study, belonged to Maria Vittoria degli Oddi, preserves the original floor and bordeaux silk to cover the walls, a small cavern where the cultivated marquise was dedicated to her studies: her writings, votive squares, majolica, chinoseries and nineteenth-century wooden furniture are there. The widow's bedroom is set up with the display of accessories, objects of use, clothing and family photographs from the beginning of 900; on the walls there are paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, among which the contemporary copy of Tiziano's Danae stands out.

Time has stopped at Palazzo degli Oddi, a perfect location for a romantic and fascinating journey in the past.

The history of the Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation

Il Palazzo degli Oddi, then Marini Clarelli, today House Museum, located in the heart of the city at the civic 84 of Via dei Priori, on the side of the square that until the late nineteenth century, was called precisely "Piazza degli Oddi".

The building rises in the district of Porta Santa Susanna, on the area where the family's dwellings already stood in medieval times, in one of the five "regal streets" that at that time radiated from "Piazza Grande".

The building was built in the middle of the Five hundred after Guido degli Oddi bought a further "domus" in the 1444 with a tower and a vegetable garden that allowed it to be built. The fifteenth-century building was incorporated into the building of the building that had to start in the second half of the sixteenth century and is to be connected to the alliance made by Guelphs of the Odds with Pope Paolo III Farnese during the salt war.

The ground floor hall, with its 16th-century terracotta floor and the beamed ceiling, is elegantly painted in the sixteenth-century building. It was elegantly painted at the beginning of the seventeenth century with a theory of frescoes attributed by Francesco Santi to Silla Piccinini and Pietro Rancanelli.

The great seventeenth-century room, the ancient structures of the late Renaissance-style building and the remains of medieval houses were later unified in the late eighteenth century with the expansion of the building and the construction of the main facade, completed in 1768. The enlargement of the second half of the eighteenth century saw the growth of the building in height with the addition of a lower floor used by the servants and in width towards the square that until the late nineteenth century was called Piazza degli Oddi of some rooms, as well as the enlargement towards the Church of Santa Teresa of the Scalzi Fathers.

The period of the "nova fabbrica" ​​of the building also saw the creation of a garden that from "small discovered and unformed place" becomes real Italian hanging garden. The palace was inhabited by the Oddi and then, after the marriage of Maria Vittoria with Luigi Marini Clarelli, by the Marini Clarelli until the mid-twentieth century.

Arrived by heredity to Barbara Marini Clarelli, she has taken care of the restoration of some environments including the ground floor salon in the nineties). The testamentary legacy of the Marchesa (2007) allows today the public enjoyment of the Palazzo degli Oddi as a Casa Museo managed by the Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation.

Services: a house museum in the heart of Perugia

The Palace can be visited on Monday From 16 17.30, Wednesday ,Friday e Saturday From 10.30 12.30. For groups or special needs it is possible to open at different times by reservation. There guided tour, in Italian and in English is free, with free offer.

The Palace has a large frescoed hall in which it is possible to organize private events and presentations of books and some adjoining rooms that can be used for refreshments or exhibitions.

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Phone: +39 075 5734844
Address: Via dei Priori, 84
Postal Code: 06123
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 075 5734844

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