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The Baptistery, Historical Residence

12 rooms, a suite of 40 square meters in the ancient tower, open to hospitality in September 2017. The Osteria, the oven and the bar on the ground floor. The Battistero Residenza d'epoca and the adjoining Osteria Bonodinulla are a place full of surprises in the heart of the city of Pistoia. Place of birth, at the end of 800, of the Moka jenne roasting plant, one of the historical companies of the Pistoia area.

Few traces remain of its ancient history, but they re-emerge strongly if you dine in the basement room, the only original testimony left intact of the ancient medieval past. Today, the Baptistery is a new complex, the result of a restoration attentive to the needs of those who live in Pistoia for tourism or for work.


Le various types of rooms that offer unique views both on the Piazza della Sala and on the suggestive Baptistery are composed of large double beds. The suite, equipped with living room with sofa bed and double TV, can accommodate up to 4 people.

Unique, romantic and suggestive Deluxe King Suite, located on top of one of the 3 tower houses, windowed for ¾ and equipped with a private balcony where you can enjoy a view at 360 degrees across the city and on the territory that surrounds it.

Each room is furnished in a modern and essential style, with colors that recall the decorations of the original floor of the early twentieth century. The amenities include large showers, desk, private internet connection, smart flat-screen TV, adjustable air conditioning, free coffee station, 2 courtesy water bottles a day, universal power socket and USB, hairdryer and complimentary toiletries.
The Breakfast takes place in the Bar area and in the Osteria hall (spaces connected directly to the rooms by a convenient internal lift).

Every morning fresh bread, crushed bread, pizza is baked in the oven. The cakes and desserts are handmade and produced by the laboratory of Panificio Giuntini of Quarrata.

The restaurant

The Osteria offers daily for lunch and dinner dishes of the Tuscan culinary tradition; using local ingredients, sought after among the various shops scattered throughout the territory and first of all on the front of the Market Square.
But coffee is always that. The original and authentic that since 1878 the roasting Moka Jenne produces, and that for two centuries fills this piece of history of via del Lastrone with perfume, in the most ancient and authentic heart of Pistoia.


3 houses thirteenth-century towers are the origin of the baptistery of the annex Osteria Bonodinulla. In the most ancient heart of the city of Pistoia, between the sacred Baptistery of San Giovanni and the more secular Piazza della Sala, the center of the city market.
Located along via del Lastrone, which retraces a pivot of the ancient Roman city, the complex has always been in the center of the commercial area of ​​the city. The same toponym of the street in which it stands recalls that "slab" where goods, in particular fish and meat, were displayed for sale; trait that still characterizes today the entrance of the current Osteria.

Roasting Moka Jenne

But it is at the end of the 800 that begins our story. Jacopo Niccolai, shop boy, manages to acquire from the widow of its owner the grocery business that was on the ground floor of the building. He decides to specialize in the activity of coffee roasting; goods that in those years began to be fashionable on the tables of the wealthy.

In a short time his choice was so successful that at the beginning of 900 he managed to buy, in different phases, the whole complex of 3 tower houses that stood next to each other. Apartments, warehouses and commercial activities were built. It was officially born Roasting Moka Jenne, still today one of the most visible historical activities of the entire territory of Pistoia.

The property remained intact but the business, growing, over the years was moved outside the city center where it is still today. For this reason, in the 60 years of the twentieth century the whole complex of tower houses was closed and used as a warehouse, the apartments emptied and left uninhabited.

It was only in the 2012 that the current descendant of the Niccolai family and owner of the company, Roberto Cappellini, decided to "brush up" the story and give it again the value it deserved; Creator of a restoration careful to safeguard and enhance the ancient but in harmony with modernity and the most current construction standards.

They were born in the 2015Osteria Bonodinulla, which occupies the entire space of the ground floor and basement, and in September of 2017 the Baptistery Historic residence, 13 rooms arranged on the three floors of the ancient tower houses, which will literally make you touch the historic Baptistery with a finger and embrace the city, with a striking and unique look from its roofs.

Price: € 90
Bedrooms: 13
Beds: 25
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: + 39 0573 079220
Address: Vicolo dei Fuggiti, 4
Country: Italy
Phone: + 39 0573 079220

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