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Masseria Giosole

Immersed in nature between paths that smell of fruits and flowers
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Masseria Giosole

Masseria Giosole CapuaMasseria Giosole today is the guardian of a modern multifunctional farm, strongly integrated into the local community, a source of employment and provision of services, a center for experimentation with new crops and research on new processed products.

Crops of orchards, olive groves, citrus groves, vineyards and vegetable gardens, laboratory for the transformation of company products, cellar, photovoltaic energy production plants, catering, tourist hospitality, are the cornerstones on which the company activities are developed, in a modern and projected vision to the future with the use of advanced forms of management.

Above all, respect for the environment stands out, protected and cared for with the inclusion of native tree species, bushes of shrubs, vast patches of reeds along the banks of the Volturno river, for a habitat suitable for hosting wild animals and birds: a oasis of natural well-being.

The Pasca family

The Pasca family, of ancient nobility in France, came to Italy in the century. XII under the reign of Roger III and settled in Principato Citra with the investiture of the Feudi di Sant'Angelo in Fasanella and Cammarota. In 1242 he obtained the investiture of the Feudo di Magliano and its Casali, subsequently Capizzo, Gorga, Stio, Gioj and Cuccaro.

With the privilege of March 10, 1536, the Emperor Charles V conferred on Domitio Pasca, and his successors, the title of Count of the Sacred Lateran Palace, with the addition to the family crest of the imperial insignia, the two-headed eagle crowned with the royal diadem and in the middle the imperial crown.

Over the course of time, the Pasca family includes ambassadors, bishops, high officers in arms: finally, reigning Francis II of Bourbon, the last King of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, General Raffaele Pasca was among the few senior officers, faithful to the oath lent, to follow the King to Gaeta, the last stronghold of the Kingdom, and upon his fall he had a mandate to agree on the terms and sign the surrender.

The Pasca family ha