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Masseria Tagliente

A masseria immersed in the splendid light of Puglia
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The Tagliente masseria in the Murge

Masseria Tagliente is located on the Murge, at an altitude of about 420 meters above sea level, covers about 180 hectares, mainly consisting of oak forest and Mediterranean scrub. It represents a rare testimony of the past, since it has maintained over time, without interruption, its original destination of holiday resort of the owner and of agricultural and livestock farm. It is a real masseria, which means company, in which horses murgesi, cows, goats, sheep and farm animals are raised.

The house, with its adjoining chapel, was built in 1849 on a much older settlement, like the trulli, probably dating back to '700, built completely dry.

The original family furnishings are conserved in the main apartment and in the chapel; from the windows, you can see a wide panorama that reaches the Gulf of Taranto and the Pollino mountains, in Calabria.

Around the house, there are numerous trulli, which have preserved the original ancient home or housing destination for animals or barns. The space, up to the forest, is cleverly divided by dry stone walls, which delimit the garden with ornamental plants, the terraced vegetable garden with ancient trees and pastures.

In the woods there are paths for walks, which lead up to the Cave of the Hundred Rooms, the lookout and the Gravina.

The date of construction of the first settlement is ignored, but it is thought that the original nucleus dates back to at least the 18th century. The manor house was built on a pre-existing building in the 1849, a date present in the tympanum of the central window.

A real Masseria in the Murge

The farm has always been a herd of cattle, once podoliche cows, today brunettes, of murgese horses, the only native Italian breed of goats and sheep, that graze in the oak forest that surrounds the farm for over 180 hectares.

The house, furnished with original furniture and furnishings, has always been used as a holiday home for summer holidays, in fact there is not even a fireplace in the master apartment.

Over time the house has hosted for the summer rest, in addition to the family of the ancestors of the current owners, also many personalities that have marked the history of the country.

Around the house there is a complex of trulli, still used as stables or barns, in a couple of them were collected ancient tools of the peasant tradition.

Services: reception and event location in an authentic Apulian farmhouse

The Masseria offers from May to October a bed and breakfast service.
It is available as a location for events of various kinds.
Organizes tastings, aperitifs and lunches for groups, with guided tour.

Swimming pool
Pets allowed
Park or garden
Price: € 130 / day
Bedrooms: 4
Beds: 10
Events Salons: 1
Places For Events: 30
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 3478293199
Address: Via Franzullo, 2
Postal Code: 74015
Country: Italy
Phone: 3478293199

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