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Palazzo Amarelli

Palazzo Amarelli and its Museum: the history of Italian excellence
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Palazzo Amarelli in Rossano

Palazzo Amarelli, an important residence in Calabria, hosts the Rossano Liquorice Museum, the second most visited business museum in Italy. An exhibition of the tools used in the working process, marketing, and the extraction of licorice from the roots of the plant.

There are also clothes, objects and manuscripts related to the Amarelli family, which, for about three centuries, is engaged in the production of the famous homonymous licorice. It is the only Italian museum on this subject.

Free guided tours to the museum or as an ideal location for exclusive events.

The story of Palazzo Amarelli

The Palace, which has always belonged to Amarelli family , old family whose origins date back to a mythical Ansoise and whose first historically exponent was Alessandro, crusader in XNUMX, is located in Rossano, in Contrada Amarelli.

Impressive manor residence, as demonstrated by its fortified structures, in defense of the surrounding territory, could perhaps identify with the Castello S. Angelo, manufactured with the destroyed arsenal of the Republic of Turio to defend itself against the raids of the Turks. Also interesting is the place where the building is located, as it witnesses the transition from a society, still structured according to the ancient feudal systems, thanks to the intuitions of the seventeenth and nineteenth century until the technological innovations of the twentieth century.

These houses are transformed into real production centers, with an economic-social organization and a precise functional structure. At the palace, surrounded by more and more lodgings for the settlers, are added warehouses and workshops with the machines for the processing of agricultural products and for a proto-industrialization. Thus was born the factory for the extraction of licorice juice.


breakfast e appetizers at the Museum Cafè

Events inside the Alessandro Amarelli auditorium

"Guided tour of the Liquorice Factory and the Giorgio Amarelli Liquorice Museum"

The Amarelli Company, active in Calabria since 1731, offers the opportunity to know a peculiar aspect of the economic and cultural history of this Region.

The project proposes the acquisition of some historical contents of the Mezzogiorno economy illustrated in the Museum, as well as the direct learning of the production and processing methods.
The project is carried out in the following phases:

  • Guided tour to the museum (free cost)
  • Guided tour to the factory
  • free tasting in the shop attached to the museum

The company offers all the reception services: ample parking, bus parking, toilettes, air-conditioned rooms, easy access for visitors with walking problems and food service at the Museum Cafè. On request we can make available an Aud