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Palazzo Castro Grimaldi

History and charm in Modica
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Palazzo Castro Grimaldi

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Palazzo Castro Grimaldi, Location in Modica, Sicily

Palazzo Castro Grimaldi It is located in the heart of Modica Alta, in a unique position. From its balconies you can enjoy a view that embraces a large part of the historic center, from the imposing Cathedral of San Giorgio, located a few tens of meters, to the noble buildings of the Upper and Lower, to neighborhoods perched on the hills of the city .

From the 1903, year of completion of the current building, the interiors have remained intact: furniture, wallpapers, frescoes, paintings and pottery. The signs of the time have not been erased, as if to preserve the atmosphere unaltered and keep alive the ancient traditions of the house.

The style of the interior has the typical flavor of Sicilian noble palaces built between the end of 800 and the beginnings of 900. The sumptuous details and decorations, made by the best local artisans, give the halls the unmistakable taste of the local nobility: frescoes of landscapes, wallpapers in splendid satins, vases and furnishings of the most precious manufacture.

All this makes the Palazzo a lideal for private parties, exclusive dinners but also for photo shoots and videos (Palazzo Castro Grimaldi was the set of some scenes of the famous television fiction "Il commissario Montalbano").

Only the main floor is open and rentable, most of the building can not be visited and requires restoration that will be possible thanks to the proceeds of the activities that take place in the Palazzo.

The history of the Palazzo Castro Grimaldi - an historic Palazzo of Modica

The history of the Palazzo Castro Grimaldi has its roots in the seventeenth century and originally its appearance was very different from the current one. After the great earthquake of the 1693, which destroyed much of the Val di Noto, the noble Castro family, knights and important landowners in Sicily, erected their home in Modica.
The structure was similar to a villa in the city: a single large body, on three levels, surrounded on two sides by a large garden, so that the nostalgia of the beloved countryside did not feel during the winter months; another side housed the lodgings for the horses and the depots for the carriages.

One of the peculiarities of the Palace is having two main tables: the first that allows access to the inside of the Palace, more dim and hidden, the other that stands majestically on Modica and has a balcony about 20 meters long, which offers a unique and truly incomparable view.

In the 1890 Francesco Castro, the sole heir of the family, took in wife the very young Donna Grazialdi Grimaldi, heir to the most illustrious Modica family of the time, descending from a cadet branch of the Grimaldi Princes of Monaco. Following their marriage, the knight Francesco Castro and his wife, decided to make major changes to the building, expanding it and giving it its current appearance, more classic and sober. Moreover, following the enlargement of the road that connects the lower part of the city with the upper part, the plan of the building, which narrowed the course a lot, acquired the peculiar trapezoidal shape that still presents. Renovation and modernization work ended in the 1903, date shown at the entrance to the main floor.

In the 1920 the knight Francesco Castro died, leaving his wife Grazietta widow at the age of 42 years and without children. The woman, who did not want to remarry, dedicated her life to study, faith and charity. She was a great benefactor and contributed to the sustenance and maintenance of numerous religious, seminarians and young lay people. On the death of Donna Grazialdi Grimaldi, last descendant of the noble family of Grimaldi in Modica, in the 1960, the palace was inherited by the grand-son lawyer Raffaele Tommasi Rosso, who lived there until his death, preserving much of the original furniture, entire collections of porcelain and cutlery of absolute value.
The Palazzo still belongs to the direct descendants of Raffaele Tommasi Rosso who keep their memory and style alive.

The services of Palazzo Castro Grimaldi:

Guided tours of Palazzo Castro Grimaldi

Palazzo Castro Grimaldi has opened its doors to the public since August 2017.
At the moment it represents theunique historic home accessible and accessible in its interior throughout the city of Modica.

Il noble floor lends itself to offer various services.
A professional guide, expert in local history, will accompany the guests on a journey through the halls, visiting the places of the Knight Francesco Castro and his wife Donna Grazietta Grimaldi, up to the terrace from which they will enjoy a suggestive view of the Cathedral of San Giorgio and on Modica. Through a path full of anecdotes and curiosities, visitors will retrace the history of the three families who have inhabited the Palace, enjoying the atmosphere.
The visits can be booked on request for groups of minimum 5 people.

Rent Location

rent location for weddings, exclusive dinners, meetings and incentive events but also for photo shoots and videos. It is also possible to rent the entire noble floor and have a private housekeeper / cook, to enjoy the dishes that were cooked in the Palazzo and relive the atmosphere of the past.

All services can be customized upon request.

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Phone: + 39 331 8670292 - + 39 393 2194440

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