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Palazzo del Carretto

Charming suite in the center of Turin
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Palazzo del Carretto


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Palazzo del Carretto: works of art and hospitality

Palazzo del Carretto "Art Apartments & Guesthouse”Is a historic seventeenth-century residence used as a accommodation in the center of Turin. Inaugurated in the spring of 2017, the residence is establishing itself in the Turin hospitality scene as a successful player, boasting collaborations with the major operators in the hospitality sector and collecting excellent feedback on the main online platforms.

The choice to dedicate the suites of Palazzo Del Carretto to Art was born from the intrinsic and high artistic and architectural value of the dwelling itself and from the desire to enrich it with theexhibition of contemporary art.

Opening the doors of the residence to Art arises from a deep passion of the owners for the Art itself and from the desire to spread and promote, like a modern Patron, contemporary artistic culture in pictorial and sculptural form.

La refined refinement of the rooms and an adequate artistic layout characterize the rooms of Palazzo Del Carretto.
The ancient seventeenth-century Festival Hall was then transformed into one modern art gallery which brings together all the artists in the collection.

Each room in the suite boasts the works of a single artist. The works of art interact actively with the furnishings, sometimes creating a contradiction, sometimes emphasizing the peculiarities of the rooms.

The Suites

The dwelling has 6 suites, of which 4 equipped with kitchen, suitable for every type of need: from families or couples to individuals who stay for work.
Unique and prestigious environments, cared for in every detail, where the atmosphere is refined and elegant. The charm of the past with all the comfort of modernity.


The Palazzo Del Carretto in Gorzegno is located in Turin, in a block with a regular, historically called "Island of the Assumption”, Whose construction dates back to the second half of the seventeenth century.

The dwelling is situated in a context rich in noble settlements, as evidenced by the many decorative apparatuses indicating a certain "taste of living" closely linked to the noble estate, which came to us intact and widely distributed in the interior rooms, in the entrance, in the facades.

The Palace came erected by Francesco Giacinto Gallinati and construction work ended in 1689. In the 1768 the dwelling was bought by the marquis Carlo Tete Del Carretto of Gorzegno; who started new works: the enlargement of his accommodation on the main floor, with the creation of some precious floors and in particular a wooden box with panels and some floors in Barge quartzite. The decorative apparatus of the ancient Del Carretto palace in Gorzegno is rich in valuable elements.

Modeled in stucco, gilding, stone apparatus, paintings and frescoes on the walls, polychrome coffered ceilings embellish the surfaces of the building. Historical research alongside restoration has allowed us to understand that the most important construction and decorative phases correspond to three specific historical moments. In addition to the façade score, the horizontal construction with some of the precious polychrome decorations belong to the original seventeenth century building.

The successive transformations, almost a century later, certainly entailed the obliteration of some wooden floors; to this historical moment could be traced the lively architecture with polychrome stuccoes of the atrium. In the second half of the nineteenth century, a rich decorative phase is adorned that embellishes some rooms, characterized by gilded stuccos, chimneys, boiserie and mirrors.

UNESCO sites nearby

The Palace is located near two UNESCO sites: le Savoy residences and Parco del Po and the Collina Torinese (biosphere reserve).

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Beds: 22
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Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 0039 011 887355
Address: Via Giambattista Bogino, 16
Country: Italy
Phone: 0039 011 887355

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