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Palazzo Ducale Guarini: stays in Scorrano, Salento

Il Palazzo Ducale Frisari-Guarini, in Scorrano in the heart of Salento, it is certainly a great opportunity to be able to spend cultural holidays gastronomic and wonderfully marine, relaxing in an atmosphere of history and stories of other times authentically Salentine.
The building is spread over a covered area of ​​4000 square meters in addition to the large courtyard, the garden and the citrus grove.

Il floor It is the residence of the Guarini family, since four generations are about 1200 square meters of large and bright rooms and lounges with antique furnishings, where the centuries meet creating stratifications and each epoch is represented. In its rooms there are the family collections: carriages, harnesses, books, paintings, wines, cars and ancient and modern musical instruments, records, in short, objects and passions of the life of many people who live or have lived there in the last 5 centuries.

To share its history and its beauty, today the ducal palace offers guests who want to spend some of their time, the opportunity to live part of its ground floor rooms that overlook the historic garden. Only four bedrooms with large common areas. The period furnishings, the cool rooms due to the large walls that enclose them, the barrel-vaulted or ogival vaults that tell of the various eras that gave rise to the building make up the part offered to hospitality. The historical garden of 5000 square meters with ancient, exotic plants, with great variety of citrus roses and aromatic herbs, the small vegetable garden dedicated to the guests where typical vegetables are planted in every season, offers a relaxing and magical space where to spend the lazy afternoons d 'summer sipping perhaps the excellent wines that the Guarini produce for almost 1000 years and that are available to guests.
The Palazzo Ducale Guarini, in Scorrano nel heart of Salento, it is certainly a good opportunity to be able to spend the holiday time, cultural, gastronomic or wonderfully marine, relaxing in an atmosphere full of history and stories of other times authentically Salento.

The history of the Palazzo Ducale Guarini

Like many gods "baronali" castles of Terra d'Otranto born in the Norman period, a fortress with the purpose of controlling and ensuring the administration of the feud. Originally it had walls, towers and moat, its last transformation occurred from the seventeenth to the eighteenth century due, as in many cases in the Terra d'Otranto, for the loss of the purpose of defense, gave it forms of building useful to enjoy brighter and more comfortable spaces for the life of the Frisari feudal lords.

A historic building in Scorrano

The first feudatory of Scorrano, a village of Roman origin, was Giovanni Galardo de Saumeriaco and later De Noha, at the end of the 12th century the castle and the fief of Scorrano belonged to Filippo d'Angiò, then at the end of the XIII century it became a fief of the prince of Taranto Raimondello Orsini Del Balzo who married the Countess of Lecce Maria D'Enghien, of which Pasquale Guarini was tutor, ancestor of the current owner of the palace. Following many others were the feudatories of Scorrano and then owners of the castle, the Della Ratta, the Bourbons, the Tolomei, the De Capua, the Gonzaga, the Pignatelli, the Maremonti, the Trane, finally in the 1687 became of the Frisari family and 1718 was elevated to duchy. Teresa Frisari duchess of Scorrano and princess of Tarsia was the last heir of this family and married Carlo Guarini, duke of Poggiardo, in 1894, bringing the palace and nominal titles to the Guarini family.

After his marriage to Teresa, Carlo Guarini moved his residence in Scorrano leaving Lecce and the castle of Poggiardo where his family had lived since 1400. The current owner, the duke Giovan Battista, represents the fourth generation that continually takes care of this building that in its age-old stratification of life, is a rare example of uninterrupted continuity of living since its origin of "baronial" castle of Terra d 'Otranto. The Palazzo Ducale Guarini bears witness to the love and commitment that the Guarini have always dedicated to the conservation of this great home.

Services: charming holidays in Salento

The Palazzo Ducale Guarini, in Scorrano in the heart of Salento, is certainly a good opportunity to be able to spend vacation time, cultural, gastronomic and wonderfully marine, around the Terra d'Otranto and then relax in an atmosphere of history and stories of other times authentic Salento.

A place to visit in Scorrano

The Palazzo Ducale offers visitors the opportunity visit the palace and be guests of the Guarini family by reservation. In the rooms reserved for hospitality it is possible to spend stays that in the high season or from May to October can not be less than a week and from Saturday to Saturday.

How to book a stay or a visit to the building

Regarding the reservations for the visits of the building can be requested on the site www.dimoreducaguarini.it or by filling out the form below.

Tastings of typical products of Salento and visits to the Cantina Duca Carlo Guarini

It is also possible, for lovers of good wine oil and many other products of the earth, reservations for the visit to the cellars Duca Carlo Guarini with dexaltation of wines and other products that the family business is almost 1000 years old. www.ducacarloguarini.it .

The ceramic workshop

A visit to the palace's ceramic laboratory, the passion of the landlady Lucia Guarini, gives the possibility to know her interesting craft production active for more than 20 years and to be able to attend by reservation initiation courses or specialization on ceramics.

Swimming pool
Park or garden
Rooms: 20
Bedrooms: 4
Beds: 40
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Address: Largo Frisari, 1
Postal Code: 73020
Country: Italy

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