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Palazzo Duse Masin

A charming historic residence in the center of Padua
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Palazzo Duse Masin

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Palazzo Duse Masin

The building has seventeenth-century origins. In the 1817 Palazzo Duse Masin is decorated by a team of artists of the highest level coordinated by Giuseppe Borsato and including Pietro Moro, Giovanni Carlo Bevilacqua, Francesco Hayez and Sebastiano Santi, as well as Giovanni Battista Lucchesi for the realization of the stuccos. They are the best artists of the time in the field of interior decoration, which already have prestigious commissions to them such as the decoration of the Palazzo Reale in Venice and that of the apartment of Eugenio di Beauharnais at Villa Pisani in Stra.

History of the Palace

The Palace, originally, consisted of four single houses that, in the seventeenth century, are brought together in a single building as can be seen from a drawing of Prato della Valle executed at the beginning of the eighteenth century on the request of the monastery of Santa Giustina, today in the Padua State Archive.

In the 1776 the view of Prato della Valle that Francesco Piranesi realizes constitutes an important historical testimony because it allows to formulate a hypothesis on the structure of the buil