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Palazzo Francavilla

In the heart of Palermo
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Palazzo Francavilla in Palermo

Il Palazzo Francavilla has its entrance on the via Ruggiero Settimo and overlooks Piazza Verdi di fronte al Massimo Opera House. Found in 1783 in the Palermitan countryside as a residence of the not noble Ignazio Barone, has two specific characteristics: to have benefited from the urban expansion of the city carried out in the 1778 and to have been purchased in the 1801 by Saverio Oneto and Gravina Duca di Sperlinga, noble aristocrat of the time, very close to the Bourbon king of Naples, who for health reasons had been forced to leave his city palace and move to the countryside, beyond Porta Maqueda.

Inside we find decorations by important exponents of the artistic panorama of the eighteenth century and of the period Liberty; you can appreciate the works of Giuseppe Velasco, Giuseppe Patania, Christmas Card, Ernesto Basile, Giuseppe Enea, Rocco Lentini e Luigi di Giovanni.

The great opportunity that is offered to those who have the opportunity to visit the main floor of this important historic home is to breathe the cultural atmosphere that lived in Palermo in the eighteenth century, that lived in the Liberty period.