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Palazzo Leone Blu

A charming residence in the center of Florence
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Palazzo Leone Blu in Florence

The Blue Lion "rampant on the field wrapped in gold and red" is the ancient coat of arms of the Ricasoli family. From the original alarm of the House of Longobardic origin takes the name of the splendid Dimora built in January of 2015 at the behest of Maria Teresa Ricasoli Firidolfi, sister of the owner of the famous winery Barone Ricasoli, the oldest winery producing Chianti Classico.

Located on the main floor of the historic Palazzo "al Ponte alla Carraia", the Leone Blu has nine elegant and spacious Suites and two spacious and communicating salons. The atrium, which is none other than the majestic Renaissance courtyard of the 1474 built by Rinieri da Meleto, lends itself - like the Salons inside - to hosting meetings, ceremonies or small concerts.
Each of the nine Suites named after illustrious members of the family - from Orazio to the same Rinieri - maintains absolutely original and particular furnishing and design features. From the smallest (55 sqm) to the most spacious (135 sqm spread over two levels), they are all equipped with coffered ceilings or frescoed ceilings, and wooden floors. Their common characteristic is undoubtedly represented by the skilful interweaving of tradition and innovation, classic elegance and modern design, which in the Leone Blu dialogue in a completely harmonic way, creating surprising aesthetic effects and comfort solutions.

The history of Palazzo Leone Blu

The origins of the Ricasoli family - among the most ancient Florentine aristocratic dynasties - date back to the beginning of the eleventh century. In Jeremiah of Ildebrando, the most certain ancestor of the family of Lombard origin, it is mentioned in a bull issued by Pope Gregory VII in the 1021 as "a long-dead person" and as the father of Baron Ridolfo - called Gotulo - a his time remembered as a witness in a placate of the 1029. Ridolfo himself would then take the name of all the descendants, who said de filiis Rodulphi in the Latin papers and then, in the vernacular, Firidolfi.
At the beginning of the twelfth century a branch of the Firidolfi began to be called Ricasoli, named after the castle of Rio Casole, declared imperial fiefdom in 1187 by Arrigo VI of Svevia, descendant of Federico I Barbarossa. The same Ricasolian line of the Firidolfi family would soon be divided into two main branches, one of which would have been the progenitor Rinieri, who in the thirteenth century would inherit the lordship of the castles of Moriano, Monteluco and Meleto, while the other , descending from Ugo, would have collected the legacy of Brolio, Rio Casole, Cacchiano, Vertine and other places of Chianti.

It was a descendant of the Ricasolo line inaugurated by Rinieri to want, in the 1474, the construction of the Palazzo alla Carraia, which today hosts the Leone Blu with its nine Suites and its large reception rooms on the main floor.
Transformed in the second half of the nineteenth century in the Grand Hotel de New York, the chosen residence of famous people such as Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Palazzo wanted by Rinieri da Meleto was used by the Baroness Giuliana to hospital for the care of the wounded during the first conflict world. In January of the 2015, this splendid building of the Renaissance period has risen to new life thanks to the initiative of the Baroness Maria Teresa, who in it wanted to place the Blue Lion, the Dimora d'epoca dei Ricasoli in Florence.

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Address: Piazza Carlo Goldoni, 2
Postal Code: 50123
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Phone: 55290270

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