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Palazzo Martini

A place of history and charm in Fara Sabina
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Palazzo Martini

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Palazzo Martini in Fara in Sabina

Palazzo Martini is aancient noble residence from the fifteenth century, located in the historic center of the medieval village of Fara in Sabina, just 30 minutes from Rome.
The building has recently been restored and retains many remains of frescoes, coffered ceilings, stone caves and the ancient refectory with cross vaults.
Today the building lends itself to events, meetings, receptions and weddings.

Managed directly by the Martini family, it is equipped with catering service high quality interior and represents the ideal location for high profile events, inside a historic residence full of works, paintings, objects and period furniture.Palazzo Martini can host events with a maximum capacity of 200 seated people , in the various rooms.

The building is spread over 4 floors, in an area of ​​about 1000 square meters, the ancient caves in the basement with local stone vaults; going up to the reception floor with the music room and the ancient refectory precede the external cloister with a view of the Cathedral of Fara.
The Noble floor, enriched by the party room with painted coffered ceilings and the 4 rooms connected to it, is an elegant and rich in history that makes every type of setting and setting special.
Complete the structure 2 result obtained in the upper floor, where you can admire the remains of ancient Renaissance frescoes.
Palazzo Martini is set in the central avenue, between Palazzo Orsini and the Museo Civico Archeologico, in a unique setting overlooking the valley of the Sabina countryside and Rome.


Palazzo Martini was born as an ancient Conventino, formerly owned by the Clarisse Monastery of Fara in Sabina, built in the fifteenth century on the remains of a Sabine patrician villa and intended for use as a guesthouse by the cloistered order. Entirely built in local stone ad "opus incertam", it was once equipped with an additional finely frescoed floor. Lowered in a subsequent period to allow the cardinal and the high prelates guests of Palazzo Orsini, the free view towards the Tiber Valley and Rome. Intact in the remaining constructive characteristic and thus destined until the end of the 700th century when it became the private property of the Lupi family.

Frescoed in the eighteenth century with fine painting characteristic of the places, it was equipped with the essential services for the stay for long periods of the high prelates visiting the monastery. It preserves its history and architectural features. Equipped with a large internal cistern in the basement with adjoining rooms for storing food and everything necessary for winter subsistence. In the small adjoining cloister were the ancient stables for the horses.
Placed on the walls of the ancient framework to protect the medieval village.
During the last world war it suffered a bombardment with marginal damage to the structures, then restored at the end of the war.
Subsequently passed property to the Martini family that still holds it unchanged to be used for cultural events and activities.

The services of Palazzo Martini in Fara in Sabina

Location for events in Fara in Sabina

Palazzo Martini is the ideal location for organize exclusive receptions and private events in Fara in Sabina.
Private historical residence is granted exclusively for receptions, corporate events, weddings and conferences.
Directly managed by the Martini family, it represents an example of quality in the territory, for reception services, in the world of receptions and marriages in particular.

The historic environment and the halls set up are a unique setting for every type of occasion, in particular:

  • business meetings
  • weddings
  • catering & banqueting services
  • receptions and private parties
  • conferences and exhibitions
  • film sets and reviews

Palazzo Martini has been inserted by the Municipality of Fara in Sabina like location for the official celebration of the civil marriage ceremony, directly in the halls of the building, thanks to the characteristics and historical value of the dwelling.

The Palace is also equipped with free wi-fi, services for guests and 2 result .
The capacity of the full service rooms is 200 guests seated for lunches or dinners, or smaller rooms for smaller events.

Telephone338 2162776

Palazzo Martini is centrally located in the medieval village of Fara in Sabina, a center full of historic, medieval and Renaissance palaces, including Palazzo Manfredi, Palazzo Brancaleoni and Palazzo Orsini. Beside they arise:

  • The ancient cistern of the XVI century (50 mt)
  • The Colleggiata di S.Antonino Martire (50 mt)
  • Archaeological Civic Museum (50 mt)
  • Museum of Silence (100 mt)
  • Monastery of the Clarisse Eremite (100 mt)
  • Potlach Theater (150 mt)

The Imperiale is only 3 km away Farfa Abbey, famous place of worship and visits with tourists from all over the world.
At 10 km stands the Castelnuovo di Farfa Oil Museum.
The largest olive tree in Europe in Coltodino, 4 Km



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Price: Full price property €2,000 / day
Events Salons: 6
Places For Events: 200
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: 338 2162776
Address: Via della Repubblica, 8
Country: Italy
Phone: 338 2162776

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