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Palazzo Sipari in Pescasseroli

Palazzo Sipari is located in the center of pescasseroli, heart of the National Park of Abruzzo.
The building in question is located on the site of an ancient baronial building destroyed by fire and takes on the current architectural structure at the end of the 30 years of the nineteenth century by the will of Pietrantonio Sipari, grandfather of the philosopher Benedetto Croce, interpreter of the Italian intellectual life between '800 and' 900 and of 'On. Erminio Sipari, Member of the Kingdom of Italy, founder of the Abruzzo National Park.

From 1839, the year in which the renovations were completed, up to the 2006, year of the death of the noblewoman Maria Cristina Sipari, second child of the On. Erminio Sipari, the Palazzo has been continuously inhabited by the Sipari family, an emerging family of the new bourgeoisie that replaces the Massa barons in economic power and social authority.
The building has an excellent late Renaissance architectural style and is refined by elegant classical forms. Declared "of particular artistic and historical interest", as a testimony of noble architecture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the palace is bound by the Superintendency of Monuments and Fine Arts by 1967 for the relevant environmental, artistic and historical interest.
Two marble plaques on the main facade of the Palace recall the figures of Benedetto Croce and his cousin Erminio Sipari. In November of the 2013 to these two plates another was added, to remember the Marquess Maria Cristina Sipari who wanted to realize in the family palace a house-museum.
The monumental building occupies a surface area of ​​about 1.000 sq.m. and is divided into three successive floors over the ground floor of about 1.000 square meters.
The portal is built in stone framed by architectural orders, from it we enter into a courtyard that gives access to the Palace.

On the ground floor there are the barned rooms and those formerly intended for the home of service workers, in addition to the library, with the original wooden structures, in which is located the historical archive, bound by the Archival Superintendency of Abruzzo.
At the end of the courtyard on the left, one enters directly into the gentrification area where it is located monumental staircase.
On the first floor are the rooms where the daily life of the Sipari Family took place and which today are made open to the public through one guided tour which also illustrates the daily, cultural and hunting habits of the owners.
On the second floor, completely restored, is the room where he was born Benedetto Croce. Here, in the large halls, there are numerous cultural events that the Fondazione Sipari organizes from the 2007.
Attached to the palace there is the Church of the "Addolorata" which houses the remains of some members of the Sipari family.
Today the house-museum and the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows are owned by the Erminio Foundation and Zel Sipari ONLUS.


Palazzo Sipari stands on the site of an ancient building owned by the Baroni Massa. Pietrantonio Sipari bought from the latter what remained of the building, partially destroyed by fire. From the 1839, the year in which the renovation and expansion of the building was completed, the palace was continuously inhabited by the Sipari family up to 2006, the year of the death of the Marquess Maria Cristina Sipari, second-born of Hon. Erminio Sipari, nephew of Pietrantonio.

Inside the Palace were hosted high-ranking personalities, such as the sovereign Vittorio Emanuele III, the Duke Amedeo d'Aosta and other members of the Royal House.
Between the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century in the palace were also representatives of the government and high personalities of the political and cultural world.
Declared in the 1967 building of particular artistic and historical interest, to it have been affixed the restrictions of protection by the Superintendency of Monuments and Fine Arts.

In the 2009 the Superintendency for Archival Heritage for Abruzzo has also placed restrictions on the archives of Eng. Erminio Sipari located inside the Palazzo. Inside it are contained materials related to the political and professional activity of Eng. Sipari, documentation concerning the Abruzzo National Park of which he was the founder, as well as a rich documentation relating to family properties.

Two marble plaques on the main facade of the Palace recall the figures of Benedetto Croce and his cousin Erminio Sipari. In November of the 2013, another two plates were added to these two plates, to remember the Marquess Maria Cristina Sipari who wanted a house-museum to be built in the family palace.

The Erminio Foundation and Zel Sipari Onlus, established by the will of the Marquess Maria Cristina Sipari in July of 2005, has undertaken a series of initiatives to enhance its heritage. Among these there is the possibility of guided tours through the interiors of Palazzo Sipari in order to retrace the places where the two cousins, Benedetto Croce and Erminio Sipari, on several occasions they saw intertwined their destinies. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of those rooms, where the lighted fireplaces made the living room cozy and welcoming, where the family gathered reminiscent of the hunting adventures of illustrious guests, set in the evocative territory that today constitutes the Abruzzo National Park of Lazio and Molise. Finally, the readings of some passages taken from the writings of Benedetto Croce and Erminio Sipari allow us to recall the habits of one of the most important families of the Marsica between the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The Palazzo Foresteria for ADSI Members

Members of theAssociazione Dimore Storiche Italiane can benefit from the Palace's guesthouse for stays of at least a week at particularly favorable conditions. An opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday in the Marsian lands, far from the chaos of the city and in contact with unspoiled nature.

The Foresteria is furnished with antique furniture and is characterized by rooms of great charm. Guests will have available two bedrooms double, a salon and services.


Guided tours, movie sets, team building, book presentation, location for artistic events e cultural

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The Palace is located in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

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