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Relais Palazzo Lodron

A charming place for holidays in Trentino
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Relais Palazzo Lodron

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Palace Lodrons

The building, significant for art and history, is the residence of Lodron since 1456. In the second half of the sixteenth century, work began on the building incorporating the existing buildings.
A writing above the entrance portal indicates that it was built on pre-existing premises at the behest of Count Nicoló Lodron in the 1593. Subsequently, some external works were no longer carried out.

The building is on three sides: a long central body and two wings. The central body is defended towards the valley by a wall with towers at the corners. The south wing houses the "Relais Palazzo Lodron" from the 2010. while the north wing is home to the winery.
Access is between two towers with hake and loopholes. Beyond the south door that leads into the courtyard of the palace, you plunge into the green with its cherry trees. To the mountain, a wall with a beautiful fountain with a lion that holds the motto "Fortitudo", emblem of the Lodron. Opposite is the main entrance of the palace surmounted by a limestone statue representing the same Nicolò. The door of the north wing leads into a beautiful tree-lined avenue with horse chestnuts, between two walls, which leads to the locality of S. Lucia.
The Renaissance palace is especially remembered as a court seat in witch trials in the 1647-1717 period.

The Lodron Family

The Lodron, one of the most important families in Trentino, were originally from the area north of the lake of Idro mentioned for the first time in the 900, with possessions in the Giudicarie valleys, Rendena and del Chiese.

Around half of the 1400 arrived in Vallagarina, when they answered the call of the Prince Bishop of Trento, Giorgio Hack, who