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The Baptistery Siena

Palazzo Landi, a charming place in the center of Siena
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The Baptistery Siena

The historic residence "The Baptistery Siena"Is a period residence, located in a Notified Palace in the heart of Siena, in Piazza del Battistero (Piazza San Giovanni for the toponymy of the city). It is the square chosen as the film set of many famous films, the latest of which is Letters to Juliet.

It is in this square that we decided to give new life to an ancient palace, creating a historic home that immediately became part of the prestigious Michelin guide and of many other prestigious guides.
The period residence expands into the Palazzo Landi, with access from Piazza San Giovanni, enjoying an incomparable view both on the unfinished Baptistery of the city of Siena (in the rooms overlooking the Baptistery), but also on the basilicas of San Domenico and Santa Caterina, as well as on the roofs of the city (some rooms have a terrace). The Baptistery also includes some rooms located just above the Arco di Diacceto, one of the most evocative of the city.
It is in this Palace that the famous architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini was born in the '400 and Le Corbusier chose this place as accommodation, for his stay in Siena 1907.
The charming location of the accommodation makes this period residence the ideal place to spend a pleasant stay in Siena in a house full of history and charm, without exceeding ostentatious luxury.
The Piazza San Giovanni is indeed the one that from Piazza del Campo crosses the Via dei Pellegrini and leads to Piazza del Duomo, also reachable from Piazza San Giovanni through the historic marble staircase of 1451 where the legend tells that fell Santa Caterina, tempted by the devil .
On the ground floor there is also a delicious wine shop, in which there is a careful selection of the best fine Tuscan wines which can also be tasted in a spectacular cellar below, with brick and tufa vaults, in which it is still possible to admire a medieval aqueduct, once connected to the Bottino del Santa Maria della Scala.
Each room is characterized by its own particularity, some for a more modern style, others for a more traditional style, as well as sometimes more modern paintings. Other times there are original prints of the '600 and' 700 on the Palio of Siena and geographical maps of repertoire.
Needless to say that all the rooms are equipped with all the most modern comforts, from anti-noise glass (even if the area is obviously limited to traffic) to air conditioning. A delicious one breakfast is prepared every morning with Organic products and strictly Tuscan.
Moreover, connected to the Baptistery and destined to particular events such as weddings, baptisms, congresses, wine tastings (and especially the Palio!) A large apartment adjoining the prestigious Accademia Musicale Chigiana can be used, always located in a Notified Palace and the main one living room has its windows on the Piazza del Campo.

The history of the Baptistery Siena

The historic residence "Il Battistero Siena" expands inside the Palazzo Landi. With a restoration carried out during the 2016, some parts of the Palace have been transformed into an elegant period residence, trying to respect as much as possible the traditional layout of the spaces, sometimes finding innovative solutions to not damage some existing floors for a long time time.
Over the centuries, from the medieval house the Palace became the famous Hotel La Scala, one of the first hotels in the city of Siena, located just opposite the steps of San Giovanni.
It is in this Palace that, for example, the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini (1439-1501) was born and grew, as also remembers a bronze statue sculpted by Fulvio Corsini at the beginning of the '900 (1902) and now placed between the two windows of the "Francesco di Giorgio" room, now part of the period residence.
It was the La Scala hotel that hosted the architect Le Corbusier on his youthful trip to Italy in 1907. And it is from the rooms of the current historical residence that the architect made a plurality of drawings and sketches of the city of Siena and its foreshortenings. The originals are preserved and exhibited in Paris at the Le Corbusier Foundation, but the latter has exceptionally consented to reproduce some copies, which are exhibited in various parts of the historical residence.
In addition, in the Palazzo Landi, located under the window of the "Alexander VII" room, we find a plaque with the Chigi coat of arms, placed in the Palace in the restoration of the 1657, for the particular relationships that bind Cardinal Fabio Chigi (1599-1667), then became Pope Alexander VII, with the Landi family, then owner of the Palace and in particular with Alfonso Landi, professor of Humanitas at the University of Siena, author of the famous script "The Tale of the Duomo of Siena" and to which the Pope granted plenary indulgence.

Services: charming hotels, wedding locations and events in Siena

The main service offered by the historic residence "Il Battistero Siena" is the service of pernottamento, with annex breakfast. Being the structure in a restricted traffic area, we have conventioned garage which offers the car valet service.
Furthermore, further services are the sale and tasting of fine wines, even in the underground cellar. A certified sommelier can assist you in choosing.
Then there is the possibility of visiting theancient aqueduct, below the property and reachable from the wine shop.
Also, for weddings, baptisms, Congress, wine tastings (and above all the Palio!) a large apartment adjoining the prestigious Accademia Musicale Chigiana can be used, always located in a Notified Building and whose main salon has its windows on Piazza del Campo.

Pets allowed
Price: € 150 / day
Bedrooms: 12
Beds: 25
Events Salons: 3
Places For Events: 30
Set In Outdoors: No
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: No
Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Phone: 3319570519
Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 12
Postal Code: 53100
Country: Italy
Phone: 3319570519

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