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Rocca of Soragna

A place of history and charm
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Rocca Meli Lupi di Soragna

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Rocca of Soragna

The building has a square plan, with four towers at the sides and a fifth at the center of the main facade, and is surrounded by a wide moat on the south-east sides: it was built in the 1385 by the Marquis Bonifacio and Antonio Lupi, under license Duke of Milan Gian Galeazzo Visconti. It had to undergo structural reconstructions in the 500, and in the following century - the original defensive systems disappeared - everything was finalized to the magnificent residence of the owner and his Court, thus achieving the current appearance.

Today a charming place where you can organize charming events in the setting of a sumptuous historical residence in Emilia Romagna.

The history of the Rocca di Soragna

The fortress was built in 1385 by the Marquises Bonifacio and Antonio Lupi who in 1347 had had the feudal investiture in the territory from Charles IV, a power they exercised until the Napoleonic suppressions. It is probable that the first fortress, with a square plan and four towers on the sides, was already built after a year, while in 1392 the external wall was completed. At that time the building looked like a mighty fortress equipped with every defense against external attacks. With the passage of time and the consolidation of the Lordships, however, the fights between the feudal lords became more and more rare and the castle was therefore able to refine its structures and become a pleasant and comfortable palace, while also retaining its ancient structures. In fact, the castle underwent substantial structural renovations especially in the sixteenth century but it was only in the following century that it became a