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Charme and nature between Ragusa and Donnafugata
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Tenuta Cammarana: B & B in Ragusa

La Cammarana estate is a historic country house and is located on the Ibleo plateau between Ragusa and the Donnafugata Castle. Far from the chaos of the inhabited centers, it is an elegant and austere place immersed in its ancient beauty. It is located in a dominant position on the surrounding countryside. On clear days the panoramic view allows the eye to reach the sea line and observe the island of Malta.
The high walls surrounding the house protect the gardens, shaded by palms and ancient trees, and collections of jasmine and bougainvillea, peonies, old roses and bearded irises.
In the vegetable garden, the ancient eighteenth-century plant garden, there are contemporary prickly pears and citrus trees. All around the territory has remained intact in its beauty, uncontaminated and rich in autochthonous flora and rare species, protected by the choice of the new generations not to carry out intensive and specific agriculture on the land.

Library of the house is composed of texts of literature and Sicilian poetry, history of the Kingdom of 2 Sicilie, botany, contemporary art and cuisine and there is also a collection of ancient Sicilian ceramics from Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra.
For some years 5 rooms of the house have been opened to the guests. They are spacious and quiet and overlook the sunny courtyard or gardens.
The dwelling of Cammarana is ideal place for those who love nature and silence and for those who want to get away from the daily routine and visit the magnificent cities of Ragusa Ibla, Modica and Scicli treasures of Baroque treasures.

The farm with thefarm, a few steps, daily produces ricotta and traditional cheeses as the ragusano and the provola, all produced from the genuine and unique tastes, like the bread made with the flour of the russello l 'ancient grain of Sicily and the Carob honey from black bees sicule or extra virgin olive oil obtained from the varieties of tonda iblea, biancolilla and moresca.

The history of Tenuta Cammarana

The home of the Cammarana estate born as one of the country summer residences of the baron Sortino Trono.
It was built in neo-baroque style and with elements of the same workers who enlarged the family building (today UNESCO heritage) in Ragusa Ibla after the 1693 earthquake.
It was located in the middle of a fief of 800 hectares, which extended from the 350 meters of altitude and gently reached the sea, through dry stone walls, Arab gardens, carob woods and centuries-old oaks.
Antonio, charismatic figure of the city of Ibla, was a very loved doctor and was also one of the founders of the Circle of Conversation in Ragusa Ibla. The property was given as a dowry to the nephew Maria Sortino Throne Maggiore of Santa Barbara e
subsequently to his daughter Maria Nifosì who enlarged the gardens and a part offered it for a few years without any compensation to the Municipality of Ragusa as a seat for the elementary and middle school for the children of the peasants who worked in the contiguous lands of the Cammarana estate.

Today the son of Maria Nifosì, the sculptor Giuseppe Pulvirenti together with his wife Silvia La Padula After an accurate conservative restoration of the house, of the gardens and of the endless dry walls, the architect has restored it to its ancient beauty and spend most of the year there.

Services: B & B between Ragusa and the Donnafugata Castle

Tenuta Cammarana is the ideal solution for travelers in Sicily looking for a charming b & b in a country house near the Donnafugata Castle. The guests of the estate will have the possibility to stay in comfortable and elegant rooms, furnished with refined taste and with the utmost respect for tradition.

The gardens of Tenuta Cammarana

The gardens are a small oasis within the estate, their plant dates back to the eighth century. Enclosed and protected by high walls, green spaces follow one another and reveal themselves to the viewer like many Chinese boxes through a series of internal courts and finally open ontoHortus Conclusus which in turn overlooks and dominates the extent of land towards the sea and towards the Castle of Donnafugata.

The "wild gardens" continue in the estate with the stable meadows and host species of considerable interest among which Hermodactylus tuberosus, Andrysimum bonannianum, Neottia nidus-avis, Oprhys fusca and other species of wild orchids.

The gardens of Cammarana are part of themselves, but at the same time inextricably linked to the flora and fauna of the estate that preserves them and protects them from external intrusions and any form of anthropization.

The farm and local products

The Tenuta Cammarana is also a 'farm where you can try real gastronomic excellences of the territory. The cultivations are of an extensive nature and in rotation are produced theancient grain of Sicily the Russello and hay.

Wild herbs and flowers grow in the fields that are grazing. The Modica breed cows produce a creamy milk that allows to make the typical cheeses of these places: Ragusano dop and ricotta.

Tenuta Cammarana produces oil obtained from the round hiblea, biancolilla and Moorish qualities. The olive groves consist of ancient trees and from new plants with an average age of 10 years. This allows us to produce one of the best oil in the area, for the position at 360 m above sea level, for the total absence of fog in the evening hours and for the black earth fertilized naturally from cows during grazing. Every year in October the olives are harvested by hand, in the same day squeezed with the continuous cold cycle. The oil is not filtered.

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Bedrooms: 5
Beds: 10
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Phone: +390932616158
Address: Contrada Cammarana
Postal Code: 97100
Country: Italy
Phone: +390932616158

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