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Royal Terrace

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Royal Terrace, Hotel Executive Florence

Located in Via Curtatone between the Lungarni and Santa Maria Novella in the perspective of Borgo Ognissanti, the Executive Hotel is an elegant 4 star hotel, easily reachable also by car. The two buildings that make up the hotel complex are rare examples of the nineteenth-century eclectic style; each with its own history and personality, are linked to the historical events of the city.

Thanks to the recent renovation, the loggia building that was formerly the Terrazzino Reale on the Prato, today houses the luxurious rooms and suites each with its own character and particular charm.
The sensitivity in the search and recovery of that intimacy that characterized the old noble Florentine residence, enhances today with renewed classicism the precious original finishes: from the high wooden doors and the precious marble fireplaces, to the large mirrors embellished with frames in gold leaf and still antique furniture, paintings and vintage prints, tapestries and refined fabrics.

The service and the most modern technologies together with the hospitality and the kindness of the staff complete the experience of an ideal stay in an ideal city.

48 rooms of which 14 deluxe rooms e 2 suites. Conditioned air. Direct dial telephone, minibar, satellite TV. Safe in the room. Wi-fi internet connection, 24h room service, free newspapers at the reception. Tea corner. 24h assistance for museum reservations, tourist excursions, rental cars, airline reservations. "Raffaello" meeting room seating capacity 35. Breakfast room. American bar. Garage service and limousines. Discounted fitness center and laundry.


The loggia building of 19th century neoclassical style in ancient times it was the so-called Terrazzino Reale sul Prato, a wooden platform erected by the Grand Duke of Lorraine at the point where the road that led to the Porta al Prato and the Parco delle Cascine formed an obtuse angle allowing a wide view.
The Palco welcomed His Court on the occasion of the Berber horse races, an event of ancient origin also referred to by Dante in the Divine Comedy, which was held to celebrate important historical events, military victories and successes or important religious celebrations.

The ceremony that inaugurated every celebration of the competition included the presentation of the Palio, drape made with very precious fabrics, and the exhibition of horses by Grand Duke who, sitting at the Loggia of the Royal Terrace, sumptuously set up with curtains and drapes for the occasion, gave the starting signal and announced the name of the winning horse, starting the popular festivities.

Subsequently, with the transformation into a public park of the Grand Ducal Cascine and the opening of the Lungarno Nuovo (now Vespucci) up to the Porticciola di Ognissanti (which was located just near the building, towards the Arno), the Grand Duke Ferdinando III, in the 1819, decided to transform the wooden terrace into a masonry structure, commissioning the architect Luigi Cambray Digny, very popular in the Florence of the time and that at that time was dealing with numerous works, including the romantic park of Giardino Torrigiani.

It was thanks to the eclectic and neoclassical taste of the Cambray Digny and the engineering skills of his assistant Giuseppe Martelli (who in France had learned new avant-garde building techniques) that the Loggia, whose construction took several years until 1829, succeeded as a graceful architectural artefact .

The ceilings of the great hall that overlooked the Loggia (currently hosting the bedroom of the luxurious Suite of the Grand Duke) were frescoed by painter Luigi Ademollo, invited to Florence by Grand Duke Ferdinand III and his wife, Grand Duchess Elisa, for the decoration of Palazzo Pitti and in fact, in the frescoes that are still preserved in the elegant Suite, depicting mythological scenes and precious friezes, we find the same gorgeous style that the Lorraine they wanted to renew their prestige in the work of Restoration following the French occupation of the city.


Hotel Executive
Via Curtatone, 5
50123 Florence
Tel: 39 055 217451
Fax + 39 055 268346
E-mail: info@hotelexecutive.it






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Bedrooms: 48
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Phone: +39.055.217451
Address: Via Curtatone, 5
Country: Italy
Phone: +39.055.217451

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