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Torre del Castellano

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Torre del Castellano in Reggello

La Torre del Castellano it is a medieval fortress placed to guard the northern entrance to the Upper Valdarno; in the last century the seat of a great one farm with cellars ed oil mill, today it is used to host private events thanks to the beautiful setting of its ramparts, the courtyard with arcades and halls with panoramic windows overlooking the valley.

The quadrangular plant construction is massive, made entirely of local alberese stone, with brickwork and sandstone decorations, is equipped with two towers joined by a thick wall curtain which delimits the courtyard inside, with two beautiful arcades with three arches supported by polygonal columns.

The white color of the stone and its dominant position make it clearly visible to anyone who passes through the Valdarno. It is only 20 km from Florence, easily reachable by car from the exit Incisa-Reggello of the motorway and its position makes it ideal for events that bring together participants from various parts of the country or for collateral activities at events based in Florence (gala dinners, workshop etc.).

The history of the Torre del Castellano

The history of the Torre del Castellano is uncertain in its origins, even if there is evidence of the control function in a strategic point for the intersection of the most important communication routes that united Fiesole before and Firenze then ad Arezzo and Rome. In the Middle Ages it was part of the possessions of the Conti Guidi and their vassals and witnessed the war facts that affected the southern borders of the Florentine Republic.

The current structure has certainly been built around the original sighting tower, with protective functions and to house a small garrison, with subsequent extensions that have seen, among the most important interventions, the construction of internal walls, arcades and courtyard and, finally, in the fourteenth century, the transformation into stately villa with the opening of wider and more comfortable internal doors and large windows to the outside.

The current form is attributed to Arnolfo di Cambio, architect designer of many buildings in the area on behalf of Florence at the end of the thirteenth century and who also enjoyed the trust of the Guidi Counts. In the fifteenth century the castle passed to the Conti Castellani that in the area they had great properties and the current name originated in the period in which it belonged to this family. Then, like many fortified structures in the area, lost its strategic function, it experienced a slow decline and a progressive transformation into agricultural structure so that, at the end of the nineteenth century, it poured into conditions of abandonment and degradation such as to require an important restoration operation. This, initiated by the new owners between the two Wars, could only be concluded in the 1952. The restoration project was drawn up by the architect Guido Morozzi and implemented under the supervision of the Superintendency of Monuments presided over by Giovanni Poggi; the direction of the works was carried out by thearchitect Ferrero Garbati Pegna. In the 1944, during the passage of the war front, the rooms on the ground floor of the Torre del Castellano were used for the admission of important works of the Uffizi Museum and the walled doors to prevent looting.

The Torre del Castellano has also been the site of one big farm with cellars e oil mill that until 1945 was called Sant'Antonio and included over 20 farms with vines, olive trees, arable land and woodland in the area surrounding the castle, and once again the owners' home from 1943 up to 2002.
The majesty of the structure together with the good conditions make Torre del Castellano today a remarkable landscape reference point at the entrance to the Valdarno superior well recognizable both from the highway and from the railway line south of Florence.

Services: wedding locations and events in Tuscany

The main activity is the reception in the open spaces and in the internal ones for ceremonies and other public or private events. The type of reception for which the Torre del Castellano is more suited is that for feasts (anniversaries, weddings, etc.), for the presentation of products in the fields of art or fashion (exhibitions, parades, etc.) and for corporate events. The organization of lunches, buffet or simple appetizers is entrusted to companies of catering of various kinds, while tasting of wines local or particular is taken care of directly by the owners.
It is also possible receipt of small groups for a relaxing travel in winter, in front of a fireplace or in the courtyard and in the garden in the summer, and the meeting with experts of typical local products or visiting the production sites depending on the season.

In addition to the two halls inside the Torre del Castellano there is a large courtyard with two beautiful arcades that can be used for reception activity; the overall seats are therefore over 300 but in case of rain they are reduced to the 150 in the internal rooms because the courtyard is not covered.
Also in case of good weather, thelarge garden in front of the castle.

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