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Villa Arese Lucini

The charm of a sumptuous monumental Lombard villa
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Villa Arese Lucini in Osnago

Villa Arese Lucini It is a splendid noble residence of the end of five hundred, surrounded by the green of Brianza, in Osnago, less than an hour from Milan and a short distance from Como and Lecco.
The big and magnificent Villa Arese Lucini It is an architectural complex with an imposing size developed over the centuries in order to celebrate the power of the family.
The elegance of the rooms, the sumptuous decorations, the precious original furnishings, the collection of Chinese porcelains and a library of inestimable value make Villa Arese Lucini a treasure chest of secrets kept over time.

Villa Arese Lucini makes use of the exclusive collaboration of the 2 star chef Enrico Bartolini, inimitable architect of the kitchen Contemporary Classic, inspired by the values ​​of the past but masterfully interpreted in a modern key. The complex consists of the Villa, the Torciera and a luxuriant English park.

Next to the Villa, stands the Torciera, an imposing 17th century building richly frescoed despite its ancient rural and administrative function.

The original seventeenth-century Italian garden in the middle of the 1800 it has been transformed into a English park. Currently it is made up of wide, slightly wavy lawns and centuries-old plants, offering panoramic views of great effect. The Park is particularly atmospheric with the setting of the sun, when a play of light makes the atmosphere magical.

The story of Villa Arese Lucini

In the undulating Brianza, stands out for its importan and sumptuousness Villa Arese Lucini. The house is an authentic museum that offers the possibility of reading the stratification of the superimposed architectures in five hundred years of history.

The vicissitudes of this monument began the 14 April 1590, also when it was born Sigismonda d'Este, widow of Paolo Sfondrati, count of the Riviera, in the name of their own children and as the procurator of the brother-in-law Nicolo 'Sfondrati, which in that same year went up to the papal throne with the name of Pope Gregory XIV, sold to the Como banker Francesco Lucini a fund in the territory of Osnago, on which a noble sixteenth-century house already insisted.
On several occasions, between the 1606 and the 1652, the marquis Giulio Lucini, he built a large and sumptuous residence to celebrate the power of the family.

In the end, an architectural complex with an imposing size was born, with the physiognomy of a palace rather than a villa. Two rooms on the ground floor remain of the original XNUMXth century house, characterized by crossed vaults set on elegant hanging capitals and by walls over one meter thick. The exterior appearance of the house, the grandeur of its design, the splendid interior and the charming square staircase were designed and built under the direction of Francesco Maria Richini and his son Gian Domenico, famous architects, who dominated the Milanese scene for almost fifty years in the XNUMXth century.

Villa Arese Lucini preserves some of the most interesting and splendid pieces of Lombard seventeenth-century architecture, starting with the four-flight staircase, with granite steps, molera stone balustrades, walls painted with architectural motifs and views of Brianza landscapes. Also noteworthy is the chapel, inserted in the house complex. Blessed and opened for worship in 1652, it houses frescoes by Gio Cristoforo Storer depicting scenes from the Passion and a precious marble altar with a Lombard school altar depicting the Deposition of Jesus

The eighteenth century gives Villa Arese Lucini precious ornaments; the whole house retains an ancient charm, thanks to the marble portals, the fireplaces with richly decorated hoods, the splendid coffered ceilings, the Venetian mosaic floors, the shelves of the rich library with over twenty thousand volumes including very rare editions and precious incunabula and collections of immeasurable value such as sculptures, tapestries, paintings, porcelain and art objects of all kinds.

In the second half of the eighteenth century, following the marriage with Benedetto Arese, count of Barlassina, the complex came to the family Arese Lucini, still owner.
In the early nineteenth century, the villa often received a visit from Foscolo, who dedicated the famous “Ode to the healed friend” to Countess Antonietta Fagnani Arese, his lover.

The residence, still permanently inhabited by the owners and everywhere pervaded by a taste and atmosphere of home, is a treasure trove of secrets accumulated and kept in its five hundred years of history.

The Torciera, a large 17th century complex on 3 levels, also by Richini, recently restored and richly frescoed despite its ancient rural and administrative function and an English-style park full of centuries-old trees, is the setting for the palace. glimpses of rare beauty and suggestion.

Services: wedding locations and exclusive events in Brianza

Villa Arese Lucini is an exceptional environment for those who aspire to charm and refinement.
The Villa can host particularly exclusive events up to 50 seated guests. Next to the Villa, the Torciera has been completely renovated and restored to its former glory. The recent renovation has maintained and exalted all the original features, making it today a unique and particularly versatile location for exclusive events of great prestige.
La Torciera is therefore proposed to companies wishing to organize their events in an environment of considerable visual impact and to individuals looking for an enchanting setting and an extraordinary setting for weddings and receptions.
La Torciera is a building of 1,000 square meters divided into three rooms connected by a magical set of steps and is able to accommodate private events up to 300 people.
A suggestive courtyard leads to the building divided into three areas:
the large room with a trussed ceiling (400 m250) and a balcony, the barn on the upper floor (250 mXNUMX) which is accessed by a frescoed portal, the colonnaded cellar with vaulted ceilings (XNUMX mXNUMX) and the spectacular staircase.

The park is available for outdoor events

Villa Arese Lucini avails itself of the exclusive collaboration of the 2 chef stars Enrico Bartolini, inimitable creator of the Contemporary Classic kitchen, inspired by the values ​​of the past but masterfully interpreted in a modern way.

Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Events Salons: 5
Places For Events: 300
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Vehicles accessibility for Events: No
Phone: 3356116791
Address: Largo Arese, 1
Postal Code: 23875
Country: Italy
Phone: 3356116791

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