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Villa Betteloni

a charming historic villa in Valpolicella
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Venetian Villa in Valpolicella

Historic tourist residence located in the hills of Valpolicella (between Verona and Lake Garda), Villa Betteloni is an authentic 14th century Venetian Villa rich in history; belongs from the 1665 to the current Betteloni family, a meeting place in the past of famous writers and poets: Cesare, Vittorio and Gianfranco Betteloni with their friends A.Aleardi and G.Carducci. It offers a beautiful Park of 20.000 mq with a suggestive view of the Valpolicella, suitable to stay in all seasons, for the landscape that changes and fascinates, ideal for those who want to take a relaxing break immersing themselves in the nature of the Park and, upon request, you can consult the Library of about 5.000 volumes of the Villa.
The property is surrounded by its Brolo which also includes 30.000 sqm of Valpolicella DOCG Classic vineyards, certified organic


Thanks to the advent of Most Serene Republic of Venice that brought peace of mind and security in the countryside, around the middle of the fourteenth century, the Villa was born on the hills of Castelrotto as modest country house and belonged long to the humanist Guarino Veronese and his family. It is then purchased by Betteloni family in 1665 and, over the course of three centuries, it was enlarged and decorated with friezes and frescoes, a beautiful Italian garden with hedges (Arch Guglielmo Guglielmi), avenues and tall trees. With the Betteloni, Cesare and Vittorio, the poetic tradition flourishes and the Villa is proud to have hosted the brotherly friend Aleardo Aleardi and the already famous Giosuè Carducci.


assistance to guests throughout their stay; the reception is located inside the Villa and the staff is ready to help organize the stay and tours. Conventions for car rental, shuttle service Taxi Verona / Airport for a fee.

Information on events in Verona: Concerts, wine tours, leisure and sports activities, etc. and above all to suggest authentic places and typical restaurants to visit in the Valpolicella area.
The owners Vittorio and Mario live in the Villa and can assist guests during their stay.

The Villa is close to all the main services; can be reached by bus from Verona Porta Nuova Station and from the Valerio Catullo Airport in Villafranca.

Supermarkets, the pharmacy and the main shops are all within walking distance.

Free on-site bicycles

Free parking discovered inside the fenced property.

UNESCO sites nearby

1) The historic city of Verona, founded in the I century BC, it experienced expansion periods in the XIII and XIV century under the dominion of the Scaligeri family and from the XV to the XVII century under the Republic of Venice. It is also an exceptional example of a stronghold. Verona has preserved a considerable number of ancient monuments from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It is a city of culture and art.

2) The pile-dwelling sites of Peschiera del Garda and Cerea (VR)

Nearby cycle paths

Villa Betteloni is located near important cycling routes; an ideal choice for cyclists in Veneto.

Worth noting:

1) Adige cycle path from Verona to Merano
2) cycle path of Lake Garda
3) cycle path of the Mincio
4) Verona Chioggia Iesolo San Donà cycle path along the Adige, the Venice lagoon and the Piave



Swimming pool
Park or garden
Price: starting from:
Beds: 30
Events Salons: 2
Places For Events: 40
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: +39 349 374 7996
Address: Via V. Betteloni, 7
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 349 374 7996

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