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Villa Cavazza Querini

Ca 'settecento, a charming period residence in Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Villa Cavazza Querini

The villa, built in Visinale, a hamlet of Pasiano di Pordenone - stands out for being one of the oldest in western Friuli. The West Wing of this authentic Venetian Villa was taken over by a local family, who with passion and dedication carried out an accurate restoration project - recovering the entire residence, developed on three floors - setting up an exclusive Bed & Breakfast: Ca 'Eighteenth century.

Immersed in the green countryside and located in a strategic point for those who want to visit the area or move for work commitments, on the border between Friuli and Veneto, between Treviso and Pordenone.

After careful restoration, it has become a period residence, furnished in style and in harmony, where to stay in a welcoming and welcoming environment.


Villa Cavazza Querini was completed in 1542 on commission from the Venetian Cavazza family, whose origins are from Bergamo but who was involved in important diplomatic activities in Venice.

In 1643 the ownership of the villa passed to a noble family of the Venetian aristocracy: the Querini di Candia, from the Santa Giustina branch. Pietro Querini, Venetian patrician and member of the Maggior Consiglio della Serenissima, belonged to this family. He is historically considered importer in Italy of stockfish: history, in fact, tells that, in 1431 Querini was the victim of a shipwreck that led him to land accidentally in Norway, where he learned the fishing and conservation techniques of the stockfish that he promoted and spread once returned to Veneto.

In 1720 the villa was completely renovated and enlarged by the Querini with various interventions which, overall, gave it its current structure; at that juncture the modification of the facade was arranged to give it greater monumentality, the expansion of the west wing in the 700th centur