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Villa degli Azzoni Avogadro

A historic villa to discover in the province of Belluno
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Villa degli Azzoni Avogadro

The building was built around the seventeenth century and now presents itself with the transformations and expansion carried out in the last century by the c.te Rizzolino degli Azzoni Avogadro.

The villa was erected on the ruins of an ancient castle consisting of three towers placed in a triangle and joined with a large wall of battlements. Within the first wall there were two streets with strong shelters which led to the right and left leading to the top of the hill where the keep of the castle stood. For this reason the tower was called the crossroads from which the name of Bivai came.

The castle of Bivai sustained on various occasions assaults and devastations in several of which suffered greatly, especially in the siege that left Ezzelino da Romano, who, taken by the warrior virtues of Giorgio Teupone who watched over the defenses, made him his captain.

Lords of the castle of Bivai were the Teuponi, who also owned the Bolpere castle at the villa of Formicano. The Teupons were descendants of Teupo, captain of the Goths, who came to Feltre in 407 Ad et not considering the point of the barbarian and the cruel, wrote Daniele Tomitano, he was well liked and had numerous offspring.
The Teupons constantly gave the homeland excellent warriors and generous benefactors.

Pietro Teupone was with the Feltrini at the first crusade and Georgia Teupone was a valiant captain in Padua, Vicenza, Verona and elsewhere in the services of Ezzelino da Romano.

Cav. Giovanni Teupone was the last of this family, he left the Chiusa to the church of S.Vittore and lees in the Cathedral of Feltre egregious donations that still exist. The Teuponi belonged to the Guelfa hamlet.

In the villa a rich and complete collection of minerals and plaster models of the mushrooms of the area was kept.

Count Carlo Avogadro degli Azzoni was appointed first Mayor of Santa Giustina during the first municipal elections of the Kingdom of Italy on October 7, 1866.


It is possible to rent the villa for:

Conferences with room for 90 guests

Weddings 120 seats with 2 rooms

Corporate meetings

Important events


From 1500 Euros


It is possible to stay in 8 apartments for a total of 22 beds.


- Apartment for 4 people: 120 Euros per night

Swimming pool
Park or garden
Disabled accessibility
Price: € 120
Beds: 22
Places For Events: 200
Set In Outdoors: Si
Set In Interior: Si
Set In Garden: Si
Vehicles accessibility for Events: Si
Phone: +39