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Villa Elodia in Trivignano Udinese

Since the beginning of the eighteenth century, Villa Elodia, with the annexed rustic and the surrounding lands, was part of the properties of a noble Venetian family, active in the silk sector and supplier of fine fabrics area of Imperial House of Austria.

The architectural complex dates back to the middle of the seventeenth century and consists of a central body and two slightly backward side bodies. In the central body there is an external staircase with two ramps in stone and wrought iron leading directly to the hall of the main floor.

The balconies on the first floor with stone balustrade and the tympanum with a central eye embellished by three statues at the top make the architecture of the whole beautiful.

The interior layout of the villa consists of three levels: ground, first and second floors. On the main floor, in the middle of the main hall, the guest is welcomed by a refined marble statue, the work of the workshop of Canova. The passing hall and the symmetrical rooms that overlook it recreate the compositional model of the Venetian villa. All the rooms are embellished with frescoes, stuccos and decorations of neoclassical inspiration and the original "Venetian terrace" of the floors.

The Villa also has five double rooms all with bathroom, a modern equipped kitchen, a breakfast - lunch room and a living room for reading and TV.

The large ancient villa flanksbarchessa", Recently renovated to accommodate events and ceremonies. In the back, a centuries-old park with a romantic pond opens up into a beautiful setting. The whole is closed by elegant crenellated walls.

The story of Villa Elodia

The Villa, located in the center of the village and well defended by a high crenellated wall that runs around it, could go back to the second half of the '600, but it is not unlikely to be older.

The Napoleonic land regist