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Villa Era

A nineteenth-century villa immersed in a monumental park
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Villa Era in Vigliano Biellese

La facade is rich in classic references, in proportion, in symmetry and in the columns with Doric capitals of the portico and architrave with frieze, in the gables and in the windows.

In park  le predominate conifers: Firs, Cedars of Lebanon, but also deciduous: Beech and Magnolias e shrub stainsi: Rhododendrons and Azaleas typical of the area.
In front of the terrace stand the le webbed of the species Chamaerops excelsa, suitable for the rigid climates of the Biella area, exotic elements very appreciated in many gardens of Piedmont.

They are distinguished two monumental plants: A Beech Atropurpurea and the Bicentennial holm oak on the top of the hill. Some details of outdoor furniture and the layout of the terrace in front of the villa suggest a subsequent direction by Giuseppe Roda for the garden.
North of the house the garden merges with theancient vineyard extending to anfiteatro wrapping the whole property.

The history of Villa Era

Villa Era was built between 1884 and 1888 on a project of thearchitect Petitti of Turin.
It stands adjacent to the original eighteenth-century structure, with the cellar, The local processing of grapes and the tower. The new building, of monumental and symmetrical aspect, with a jutting central body, has a raised porch and portico of a floor with respect to the main body.

Il park that surrounds the building is of the same period and retains many elements of the gardens nineteenth  Piedmont.


The villa offers 5 event rooms

Location for weddings, cultural and private events

Guided tours on reservation: € 8 adults - € 5 children

Tastings in the cellar